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December 12, 2004

Palestinian teen allegedly shot for laughs
Aljazeera | Submitted by: pilot70
"A group of Israeli soldiers serving in the Gaza Strip have reportedly admitted killing a 15-year-old Palestinian in Khan Yunus for sport. According to the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronoth, the incident took place in March when a group of newly graduated soldiers were on a hike near the town of Khan Yunus. According to the report, an undisclosed number of Givati brigade soldiers shot and killed Khalid Sulaiman Mahdi while he was working with his father on their farm... According to soldiers interviewed by Yediot Ahronoth, there were no operational purposes for the shooting and no justification, since the boy and his family posed no threat to the soldiers. An Israeli army spokesman said the army had investigated the incident, but admitted that no arrests were made."

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Divorced dad allegedly murders family, suicides
Tampa Bay Online | Submitted by: optional
"Robert O'Mara waited in the darkness outside his children's new home. Their mother, newly divorced from him, drove directly into his ambush. Patricia Parra-Perez got out of the driver's seat. He shot her in the head. Sean and Lauren ran for their lives. Sean, 12, made it to the front door before he was shot once and killed. Lauren, 13, raced down the block. Her father chased her. Three doors away, he caught her with a bullet. She died on a neighbor's doorstep. Then O'Mara shot and killed himself... Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office detectives are investigating why O'Mara, 38, came gunning for his family."

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Coworkers allegedly aware of alleged special ed torture
WKMG-TV 6 Orlando | Submitted by: GreeceMonkey
"Assistants at the Seminole County school where a woman is accused of torturing her special needs students say they were aware of the alleged abuse for years... Kathleen Garrett is charged with nine counts of child abuse after witnesses say she pushed an autistic child's face into vomit, punched other special needs students, knocked their teeth out and even choked them. In one instance, Garrett is accused of rubbing her body against a child and saying 'cry for mama.' ... Garrett's classroom assistants said they were too frightened to speak out about the reported abuse and said they were aware of it for years."

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Cop allegedly molests girl, 11
Kentucky Post | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"A just-hired Dayton, Ky., police officer who once was a Lincoln Heights, Ohio, police officer was arrested Thursday on a charge of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl in January. Allen Peace, of Bellevue, pleaded not guilty to one count of first-degree sexual abuse in Campbell County district court in Newport Friday... Though Peace pleaded not guilty, [Detective Dave Fickenscher] said he confessed to investigators. 'We interviewed him and confronted him with the evidence in the case, and he confessed to it.'"

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Baby born faceless
First Coast News | Submitted by: 3 Legit 2 Quit
"Tammy hadn't seen her new baby yet, because she almost bled to death during delivery. Tammy would be okay, meanwhile, dad went to take pictures of his new daughter... Little Juliana is missing 30 - 40 percent of the bones in her face. 'She has no upper jaw, no cheek bones, no eye sockets, and she's missing the corner of her ear,' explains Tom. Her birth defect is called Treacher Collins Syndrome. Doctors say it's the worst case they've ever seen... Juliana has to eat through her stomach, and she has a trach to breathe. Already, less than two years into her life, she's had 14 surgeries. Doctors say she could need at least 30 more. Every time she goes to the hospital, doctors make a mold of her head, and then reconstruct her skull to figure out the next step."

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Santa allegedly beats geezer with lumber
WIS-TV 10 Columbia | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"A man decked out as Santa Claus, complete with jolly red suit and gifts, stunned holiday shoppers. Police say he picked up a two-by-four and started pounding a nearby woman passing out religious fliers. Elkin Clarke, the man dressed as the Santa, says the woman was stealing from him, 'She was stealing my stuff. I asked 10 to 15 times not to touch my stuff.' ... Police say the woman attacked, Annie Ruth Nelson, 74, was knocked unconscious in the fight... The suspect accused her of stealing boxes of Hershey's chocolates from him, worth about $145."

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Man allegedly kills younger brother with hammer
Lawrence County Daily Record | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"[Randy Miller, 27] is facing a murder charge in connection with the Nov. 29 death of his brother and next-door neighbor, 18-year-old Chad Miller... [Chad's] body was found in the home he shared with the boy's mother, Melanie Miller, about 10:30 p.m., EST, Nov. 29... [Randy] was also wanted as a suspect in the Nov. 28 break-in of Chad Miller's house. Some medication and about $300 in cash was stolen, and officers found a suicide note, allegedly written by Randy Miller at the crime scene... [prosecutor John Sievers] declined to speculate on a motive for the slaying, saying Chad Miller's death was a 'senseless thing' and was the 'culmination of a lot of things going on in Randy's life.'"

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Elephant sanctuary volunteers allegedly raped
Brisbane Courier-Mail | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"An elephant sanctuary in Malaysia is under investigation following allegations that foreign women - including Canadians - were raped and sexually assaulted by park workers. An unspecified number of alleged victims filed complaints with their governments after returning from volunteer work at the sanctuary, the New Sunday Times newspaper reported, citing unidentified sources... a travel advisory on the Web site of Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade noted that 'several Canadians have reported serious problems as a result of responding to offers to do volunteer work' at the Kuala Gandah sanctuary... the alleged victims claimed they could not fully remember the assaults because they might have been drugged, the newspaper said. The alleged victims have refused to return to Malaysia to help in the investigation, the report added, noting that the incidents were believed to have occurred 'over the past few years.'"

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Man charged with commercial hacking allegedly flees
Boston Globe | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"Jay R. Echouafni allegedly hired five hackers last year to unleash a virtual attack against three business competitors, according to the federal indictment, which was handed up in August by a grand jury in Los Angeles. All told, the attacks caused more than $2 million in damages and temporarily disrupted websites for the Homeland Security Department and, the government alleges... Echouafni allegedly enlisted five people in Arizona, Louisiana, Ohio, and Great Britain to unleash the attacks. The cybermercenaries flooded the websites with data until they crashed... Echouafni is the first person charged with using the Internet to attack a business competitor."

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Marine loses finger to keep wedding ring, loses ring
San Bernardino County Sun | Submitted by: Dusik
"Marine Corps Lance Cpl. David Battle found himself in the hands of doctors one day last month after nearly losing his life in a horrific firefight in Fallujah, Iraq. And all he could think about was saving his wedding ring... At a field hospital, doctors were going to cut the ring from his finger to save as much of the digit as they could... Battle told them not to cut the ring but around it so it could be saved even if it meant losing his finger. And that's what the doctors did... But the ring is now gone. When Battle returned to the United States and opened his packages from the base camp hospital where his finger was amputated, the ring was missing. 'It must have gotten lost in the commotion,' he said."

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