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December 28, 2003

Man helps neighbor move corpse
Seattle Times | Submitted by: optional
"A neighbor's request for help in loading a piece of luggage into a Cadillac early yesterday led a South King County man to make an unusual discovery. Visible under see-through plastic were human remains. 'You couldn't miss it,' said Phillip Woodson Sr., the man asked to help. 'It was a body.' ... The suspect offered Woodson $50 to help put the body in the trunk, Woodson said. When Woodson refused, the suspect offered him $50 to not say anything about the body."

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Rumsfeld caught in another Saddam lie
Independent | Submitted by: whatsnew74
"Fresh controversy about Donald Rumsfeld's personal dealings with Saddam Hussein was provoked yesterday by new documents that reveal he went to Iraq to show America's support for the regime despite its use of chemical weapons. The formerly secret documents reveal the Defence Secretary travelled to Baghdad 20 years ago to assure Iraq that America's condemnation of its use of chemical weapons was made 'strictly' in principle. The criticism in no way changed Washington's wish to support Iraq in its war against Iran and 'to improve bi-lateral relations ... at a pace of Iraq's choosing.' ... the newly declassified documents reveal that 20 years ago America's position was different and that the administration of President Ronald Reagan was concerned about maintaining good relations with Iraq despite evidence of Saddam's 'almost daily' use of chemical weapons against Iranian troops and Kurdish rebels."

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Michael Jackson claims police brutality
CBS News | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"He says that while he was in police custody, officers locked him in a feces-smeared bathroom for 45 minutes in order to belittle him and take away his pride. 'There was doo doo, feces thrown all over the walls, the floor, the ceiling. And it stunk so bad. Then one of the policemen came by the window. And he made a sarcastic remark... "How do you like the smell? Is it good?" And I just simply said, "It's alright. It's okay." So, I just sat there, and waited.' He also says the police handcuffed him in such a way so as to hurt his back. 'Now I can't move.'"

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Belarus ready for US Invasion
Washington Post | Submitted by: optional
"President Alexander Lukashenko, isolated by the West for his lack of political and economic reforms, said on Friday Belarus must be prepared to defend itself against U.S. attack... 'Belarus has to be vigilant and pay particular attention to strengthening its fighting efficiency... We are not going to do any saber-rattling. We are not going to threaten anybody. We are talking only about defending our motherland.'"

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Cousin arrested for alleged underage Christmas incest
Connecticut Post | Submitted by: El Diablo
"When 50-year-old Isaac Garvin was confronted, police said he responded: 'It's OK, we are cousins.' ... According to police, about 6:30 p.m. Thursday officers were patrolling the city's East Side when they spotted a van parked on a desolate part of Eagle Street. As officers approached the van, they said they saw Garvin getting off a girl sitting in the passenger seat. She was naked from the waist down, police said. On the dashboard was an unopened condom, police said."

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Pirhana attacks on the rise
BBC | Submitted by: bhimji
"Recent outbreaks of piranha attacks on bathers in south-east Brazil may have been caused by the damming of rivers... four years ago, injuries due to piranha bites began to be recorded in the town. They reached a peak in the late summer of 2002. Over five weekends in 2002, 38 piranha attacks were recorded... One of the people bitten during the outbreak at Santa Cruz of Conceicao had to have their toe amputated. But there are even worse tales of aggression by the fish."

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Saddam unrepentant, reportedly
Arab News | Submitted by: anyone other than Bush on '04
"Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, now being grilled by American investigators, has reportedly warned US authorities that he will expose Washington’s 'political games' and its behind-the-scene role in the occupation of Kuwait. 'Saddam threatened that if they continue to pressure him he will reveal startling facts - about America’s political games with his country - that would shock the whole world,' Al-Watan Arabic daily quoted a high-level European source as saying."

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