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December 24, 2003

Vancouver gone syphilitic
Wire Services | Submitted by: bud`
"Vancouver is facing the worst outbreak of syphilis per capita in the developed world, with city health officials fearful of a looming epidemic of the sexually transmitted disease once thought almost wiped out in North America. Some 254 new cases have been diagnosed locally this year authorities said early this week - more than the total for North America in two decades, with more expected, said Dr. Michael Rekart of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control... In 2002, the health authority recorded 186 new cases of syphilis, 15 per cent of them among gay men. This year, it jumped to more than 250 new cases and gay men account for a quarter of infections."

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Royal mutt finally goes too far
BBC | Submitted by: Kreepy Monster
"One of the Queen's corgis has been put down after being savaged by an English bull terrier owned by Princess Anne. The attack is thought to have happened on Monday, when the corgis ran out to greet the Princess Royal as she arrived at Sandringham for Christmas. Princess Anne was convicted under the Dangerous Dogs Act last year after the same dog attacked two children... Princess Anne appeared before magistrates last November and pleaded guilty to a charge that one of her dogs attacked two children in Windsor Great Park."

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House exploded with bug bombs | Submitted by: Babs
"A family living in a house infested with cockroaches and rats set off 19 'bug bomb' foggers in their 470-square-foot City Heights home yesterday, causing an explosion that virtually blew the building apart and sent Christmas decorations into the street, police said... Shards of glass and nails from torn walls were strewn about. The back door of the house was blown off its hinges. Gaping holes were left in the ceiling. Insulation was spread throughout like confetti... Investigators believe the bug bombs were ignited by a pilot light on a wall heater."

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Canada continues to deny reality
Globe and Mail | Submitted by: bush_fucker
"The health risks of marijuana are 'neither insignificant nor trivial,' the Supreme Court of Canada said Tuesday, upholding laws against pot possession. A 6-3 majority said marijuana is capable of altering a user's behaviour to a point where it 'creates a potential harm to others when the user engages in driving, flying and other activities involving complex machinery.' [Well duh.] Chronic users may also bring serious health problems upon themselves, Mr. Justice Ian Binnie and Mr. Justice Charles Gonthier wrote for the majority." [By that logic, alcohol should be banned.]

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Canadians recruited for U.S. military
Village Voice | Submitted by: Tom the Tom
"As Bush was ramping up the Iraq war last winter, Canadian military officials were startled to discover Pentagon recruiters roaming through their nation's native population reserves trying to persuade Inuit and others to enlist in the U.S. military. The Americans started cropping up on the Atlantic Coast in Quebec, in the Sault Sainte Marie area of Ontario, and in Western Canada. A Canadian Defense Ministries report said the U.S. claimed that under the 1794 Jay Treaty it had the right to recruit Canadian native inhabitants for its military because aboriginal Canadians held dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship... The American recruiting efforts are aimed at filling the ranks of an army stretched thin by the Iraq war and by having to post troops in other world hot spots such as Afghanistan and Uzbekistan."

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Joe Namath strikes out during live broadcast
MSNBC | Submitted by: anyone other than Bush in '04
"Joe Namath apologized to ESPN reporter Suzy Kolber for his comments during Saturday night's Patriots-Jets game... Namath, at the Meadowlands for the Jets' announcement of their Four-Decade Team, twice told Kolber he wanted to kiss her while she was interviewing him on the sideline... During the second quarter of the Patriots-Jets game, Kolber asked Namath what the Jets' struggles meant to him. He replied: 'I want to kiss you' and leaned toward her... Namath capped off the interview by repeating: 'I want to kiss you.' Kolber responded to Namath’s comments by saying 'Thanks, Joe. A huge compliment' and turned things back to the announcers in the booth."

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