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December 11, 2003

Babykiller gets 8 years
News Corporation | Submitted by: Draz-Nova
"Baby Jordan had his tiny toes crushed one by one, was hit so hard his bottom teeth went through the roof of his mouth, and was subjected to repeated punches to the stomach. The seven-month-old's torture and suffering ended only when he choked to death on his own vomit. Yesterday the man responsible for the brutal killing of the baby boy was sentenced to a minimum term of just eight years and three months. With time already served, Christopher Hoerler could be free in January 2010, at the age of 32... nobody heard Jordan scream during the attack because it was believed the first punch to his jaw, which drove his bottom teeth into the roof of his mouth, knocked him unconscious. His extensive facial injuries and fractured ribs suggested he had been dragged face down over carpet or a sofa and punched hard in the abdomen. Hoerler then set about crushing Jordan's little toes - one by one - with a fan clamp."

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Policemen nailed for on-the-job hijinks
BBC | Submitted by: Soylent
"Two policemen are facing the sack after they were caught on camera speeding and wearing Ku Klux Klan-style white hoods in Western Australia. The incident happened in August 2001, and at the time police were unable to identify the suspects, who were pictured travelling at twice the speed limit in Bunbury, 180 kilometres south of Perth... The investigation has now revealed that the car involved was an unmarked police car, and its two occupants officers from Bunbury Police Station."

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Father, son die attempting to drown dog | Submitted by: Ignatius Reilly
"18-year-old Eugene Weston Junior and his cousin planned to drown their pit bull in an old abandoned cotton gin across the street from their home. The gin hadn't been used in more than 30 years and inside the pit was a thick combination of water, oil, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, and dirt. As the son looked into the eight to ten foot pit, he slipped and fell in. The cousin ran for help and called 9-1-1. That's when the father, 42-year-old Eugene Weston Senior, jumped into the pit after his son... The pit bull is still alive and unharmed."

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Tard allegedly kills, incinerates newborn | Submitted by: Pickmy Seaton
"Rebecca Lynn Gregory was taken into custody over the weekend and remains in jail on $50,000 bond... Investigators searched the farm until late Monday and recovered 'some bone fragments' from an area of the farm known as the 'dead hole' where trash and animal carcasses are incinerated... Sheriff's officers were allowed to search the single-story residence for 'the body of a deceased human infant, remains of said infant, trace evidence of said infant or trace evidence of the birth of said infant, blood evidence, D.N.A., large dog food bag, plastic trash bag, towels, sweat pants, and other clothing items, any written indicia of the pregnancy of Rebecca Gregory, and any photographic evidence of the pregnancy of Rebecca Gregory.'"

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Secret Service admits they sent Mohamad home
Washington Post | Submitted by: optional
"While expressing regret over the incident, the Secret Service also stopped short of offering the apology that the waiter, Mohamad I. Pharoan, 58, has sought. He had expected to help serve lunch to 550 people at a banquet at which President Bush raised $1 million for his reelection campaign. Instead, he says, he was given a few minutes to change clothes and was escorted off the premises after a manager asked him one question: 'Is your name Mohamad?' Last week, the Secret Service denied that it had requested the hotel's management to dismiss Pharoan for the day. But a spokesman said yesterday that after further review, the Secret Service found it was responsible."

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Official Iraqi civilian death count halted
Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Submitted by: A. P. Palled
"The Associated Press conducted a major investigation of Iraq's wartime civilian casualties, documenting the deaths of 3,240 civilians between March 20 and April 20. That investigation, conducted in May and June, surveyed about half of Iraq's hospitals and reported that the real number of civilian deaths was sure to be much higher. The Health Ministry's count, which was to be based on the records of all Iraq's hospitals, promised to be more complete. The ministry began its survey at the end of July, when shaky nationwide communication links began to improve. It sent letters to all hospitals and clinics in Iraq, asking them to send back details of civilians killed or wounded in the war, ministry officials said then. Many hospitals responded, [Dr. Nagham Mohsen] said, but last month, Shabandar told her that [Iraqi health minister Dr. Khodeir Abbas] wanted the count halted. He also told her not to release the information she already had collected, she said."

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Mayor embarrassed over naked photos
Globe and Mail | Submitted by: TAZZY8JAZZY
"As the first female mayor of the northern B.C. town of Houston, Sharon Smith was proud of her accomplishments. So was her husband. So proud that he snapped photos of Her Worship wearing the chain of office - and nothing else. Everything was fine until photos of a smiling Ms. Smith were allegedly copied from her home computer during a house party her kids threw, then circulated around the mill town of 4,300... 'My privacy has been violated in every sense,' Ms. Smith wrote in her letter earlier this month to Houston Today. 'These photos are private property belonging to my husband and me. I am very hurt and embarrassed.'"

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Russian anti-kidnapping official jailed for kidnapping
Toronto Star | Submitted by: Lydia
"The 11-year-old son of a slain politician was freed after 3-1/2 years in captivity in southern Russia, and the head of the regional anti-kidnapping unit was a suspect in the case, police said today... among those arrested Wednesday in the case was Imamutdin Temirbulatov, head of the regional police unit charged with fighting kidnapping... Rossiya reported that two high-ranking officials from the kidnapping unit were arrested, but gave no further details. Countless victims have been kidnapped for ransom in the southern Russian region of Dagestan in recent years."

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Atmosphere reeling from 8,000 years of human activity
CNN | Submitted by: Mean Gene
"Beginning 8,000 years ago, atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide began to rise as humans started clearing forests, planting crops and raising livestock, a scientist said Tuesday. Methane levels started increasing 3,000 years later... Previously, scientists widely assumed it was only with the onset of the factory age that human activity had any significant effect on the global climate. The prehistoric changes in carbon dioxide and methane levels have been noted before but were attributed to natural causes, Ruddiman said."

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