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November 07, 2003

Nuke lab loses keys
Washington Post | Submitted by: Juan Motaim
"Officials at a national nuclear weapons laboratory in California have lost a dozen keys to the facility, according to a report released yesterday by the Energy Department's inspector general... officials at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory have lost nine master keys and three magnetic key cards to the facility - and, in some cases, do not know why or how long they have been missing. The lab will need to replace about 100,000 locks in 526 buildings, according to the inspector general's report. That will cost taxpayers about $1.7 million... Livermore officials estimate they will have to change only 1,300 locks at a cost of $330,000."

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More groundless al Qaeda warnings
ABC News | Submitted by: jimbo
"U.S. officials have received intelligence indicating al Qaeda is interested in hijacking cargo planes and crashing them into U.S. targets, sources told ABCNEWS... The sources said the information has not been corroborated and that it did not mention specific targets, locations or times of the possible hijackings." [Then why bother to report it?]

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Another contender for world's worst mom | Submitted by: optional
"A pair of Kentucky children were tied up, beaten and tortured by their mother and her friend, according to police. Investigators have arrested Sherri Carter, 22, and her roommate, Timothy Hudson, Louisville television station WLKY reported exclusively Friday... Witnesses also have told police that Carter fed both children beer, let them eat dog food and cat feces, and forced one of the children to sit on a training toilet for hours at a time, WLKY reported."

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Why we need Venezuelan CSPAN
Wire Services | Submitted by: Juan Motaim
"Two Venezuelan lawmakers traded punches on the parliament floor Thursday, forcing a long-running and acrimonious debate on reforms to the Supreme Court to be suspended. It was the second time in six weeks that National Assembly deputies had come to blows and delayed debate of the reforms, which opponents of leftist President Hugo Chavez fear could weaken their bid to vote him out of office in a referendum. Thursday's parliament session was suspended until next week after party leaders broke up a fight between Social Democrat deputy Pastor Heydra and Chavez supporter Juan Millan. Local television showed the two reeling across the floor of the assembly, grappling with each other and swinging punches."

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Houston students intentionally left behind
MSNBC | Submitted by: stephanienyc
"When the state of Texas bestowed 'exemplary' status on Austin High School in August 2002, ecstatic administrators compared the honor to winning the Super Bowl. There was more cheering and pompom-waving a few weeks later when a private foundation honored Houston for having the nation's best urban school district. Just a year later, the high school has been downgraded to 'low-performing,' the lowest possible rating. And the Houston Independent School District - showcase for the 'Texas educational miracle' that President Bush has touted as a model for the rest of the nation - is fending off accusations that it inflated its achievements through fuzzy math. Austin is one of more than a dozen Houston high schools caught up in a burgeoning scandal about the reliability of their dropout statistics... 'It is all phony; it's just like Enron,' said Linda McNeil, a professor of education at Houston's Rice University.' [Education Secretary Roderick R. Paige], in an interview, called such remarks 'inflammatory, very unfair.'" [Secretary Paige should have called for grand jury investigations against any school administrators accused of falsifying data. Instead, he's pretending that everything's fine. Were there any accountability in this administration, Paige would already have been dismissed for dereliction of duty.]

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Bob Guccione calls it quits
MSNBC | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"Penthouse founder Robert Guccione resigned on Thursday as chief executive of the racy magazine's parent company after a steep drop in circulation put the publication on the auction block. Guccione, the 72-year-old Brooklyn, New York native, started Penthouse in 1965 and ranks as one of the world's famous publishers of adult magazines along with Playboy's Hugh Hefner and Hustlers Larry Flynt... Penthouse International, the company that owns the magazine and is controlled by Guccione, said the flamboyant founder had resigned as chairman and chief executive."

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