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October 07, 2003

Bush doubts CIA leaker will ever be found
WDIV-TV 4 Detroit | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"Staffers at both the White House and the Pentagon were given until 5 p.m. Eastern time to turn in any documents possibly related to the leaking of the identity of a CIA officer... White House lawyers will screen the materials and decide which ones to send to the Justice Department... President Bush expresses doubt the leaker will be identified. Bush told reporters Tuesday that the press does 'a very good job of protecting the leakers.' ... [Rep. John Conyers] said Karl Rove should step down."

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Kim Jong Il's secret wife in intensive care
Independent | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"When a retired North Korean dancing girl crashed her Mercedes in Pyongyang a month ago, not a peep was heard from the world's most isolated Stalinist state about the scale of the tragedy to have befallen its paranoid leader Kim Jong Il. Only yesterday, did it emerge that the 50-year-old woman who suffered severe head injuries and is now in a critical condition is the wife of the 'Dear Leader' Mr Kim and mother of his heir apparent... Ms Ko reportedly caught Mr Kim's eye as one of 2,000 girls employed in the dictator's 'pleasure groups.' ... Each 'pleasure group' is composed of three teams - a 'satisfaction team,' which performs sexual services; a 'happiness team,' which provides massage and a 'dancing and singing team.' These teams, recruited from girls' high schools, undergo a six-month training course before they are assigned to one of the dictator's 32 villas and palaces until the age of 25."

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Looks bad for accused sex tourist
Sacramento Bee | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"An 85-year-old man accused of attempting to travel to the Philippines to have sex with two underage girls was detained Monday without bail... [John W. Seljan] was arrested Friday while preparing to board a flight at Los Angeles International Airport. Authorities allege he was planning a trip to the Philippines to have sex with the girls, ages 9 and 12. Authorities discovered pornographic materials, sexual aids, and nearly 100 pounds of chocolate and candy in his luggage during the arrest."

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Judge accused of mild pervosity
WECT-TV 6 Wilmington | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"The lawyers for a former Miss North Carolina have filed a motion to disqualify the arbitrator in her case, alleging that he is no longer impartial. The lawyers claim Judge Conley Ingram of Georgia has become obsessed with alleged topless photographs taken of Rebekah Revels by her former boyfriend Tosh Welch... Revels lawyer Barry Nakell says Ingram has insisted on seeing the photos but he hasn't forced pageant officials to explain why they need to see them, as he believes the law requires. He says he has told Ingram that he's willing to supply the photos with just her face showing but that offer was refused."

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Corpsefucking still legal in California
Daily Press | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"A judge released [Donald Luis Cooper Jr.], 32, with a suspended sentence on Sept. 26 after he pleaded guilty to unlawful handling of human remains the only law on the books that he violated, prosecutors say... But it took a technicality to even have made that prosecution possible, Amster said. 'If he hadn't broken the skin, nothing could have been done.'"

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Elementary school teacher recommends suicide to pupil
Washington Times | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"The Mainichi Daily News said the 9-year-old student at a Fukuoka elementary school is reportedly suffering post-traumatic stress disorders, such as headaches and nausea, as a result of the teacher's verbal abuse and physical punishment. The lawsuit alleges that in May this year, the 46-year-old teacher pulled the child's ears in a corporal punishment he called the 'Mickey Mouse.' Knowing the boy has an American ancestor, the teacher also told a class the boy's blood was not pure because it was 'mixed.' The legal action said the teacher told the child: 'Hurry up and die. Jump off a condo.'"

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British museum struggles to import Elvis guns
BBC | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"A UK Elvis Presley museum is facing a battle with the government over plans to import a collection of the singer's handguns from the US... The six guns include a Derringer pistol - which Elvis carried down the side of his boot when on stage - and a Smith and Wesson engraved with Elvis' motto 'Taking Care of Business.' Museum director Jerry Goldman said Elvis was 'fanatical' about collecting and using guns. 'We've all heard the stories of Elvis sitting watching television and shooting the screen out if he didn't like the programme,' he said. 'But he also used to shoot at his cars if they failed to start and he used to shoot at squirrels from the comfort of his toilet seat at his home in Graceland.'"

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Ted Nugent promoting ice cream
Firearm News | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"Ted Nugent, rock musician, avid outdoorsman and defender of gun rights, has come out in support of 'Gun Nut' ice cream, a new flavor unveiled by a company billing itself as 'the conservative alternative to liberal Ben & Jerry's.' ... According to the statement, the company has partnered with Nugent and Gun Owners of America in the promotion of Gun Nut. The firm plans to donate $1 from the sale of each quart of Gun Nut to the educational work of the Gun Owners Foundation Gun Safety Project."

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HP demos latest tool of the Panopticon
BBC | Submitted by: Soylent
"A prototype pair of sunglasses with a camera built in to them has been created by Hewlett Packard researchers. 'It means you now have a wearable camera which nobody will notice and can take pictures while being involved in events,' said Huw Robson from Hewlett Packard. But experts say there could be privacy implications if this sort of technology becomes part of everyday life. [Really?] The sunglasses developed at the Hewlett Packard labs in Bristol in the west of England sport a camera that constantly takes images of what a wearer sees. The camera also has an off-switch to preserve privacy." [The wearer's privacy, that is.]

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Michael Jackson unlikely to win Nobel Peace Prize
Aftenposten | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"This year's Nobel Peace Prize winner is very hard to guess, but US pop star Michael Jackson is among nominees who can forget the award, the director of the Norwegian Nobel Institute said on Monday... 'There are many good candidates, the vast majority of them are serious names. Michael Jackson is maybe not such a serious name, but there are very few in that category,' Lundestad said. Jackson has been nominated for promoting peace via pop."

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