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September 15, 2003

Shadow of the pogrom falls over India
Guardian | Submitted by: Tobermory
"We watched as a Hindu crowd armed with machetes and iron bars attacked their Muslim neighbours on the other side of the street. All of the shops on the Muslim side of the road were ablaze; smoke blotted out the sky; gas cylinders exploded and boomed; we were, it seemed, in some part of hell. 'We are being killed. Please get us out,' one Muslim resident, Dishu Banashek, told me. 'They are firing at us. Several of our women have been raped. You must help.' When we asked a senior policeman to intervene he merely smirked. 'Don't worry, madam. Everything will be done,' he told a colleague from the Times mendaciously."

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Worst science vocations | Submitted by: Shadows98
"Sixteen healthy subjects volunteered to eat pinto beans and insert small plastic collection tubes into their anuses... After each 'episode of flatulence,' Levitt syringed the gas into a discrete container, rigorously maintaining fart integrity. The odor judges then sat down with at least 100 samples, opened the caps one at a time, and inhaled robustly. As their faces writhed in agony, they rated just how noxious the smell was. The samples were also chemically analyzed, and -- eureka! -- Levitt determined definitively the most malodorous component of the human flatus: hydrogen sulfide."

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Third world: Fool us once
Inter Press Service | Submitted by: Soylent
For years, rich countries have used the World Trade Organization to line their pockets. Poor countries accepted their promises on their face, and mightily paid the price. In principle it's difficult to be against free trade. Thing is, that's true only when the free trading partners are on equal footing. But not only is the developed world starting on better footing, they are demanding an unfair advantage (protectionism) in any area the developing world happens to be good at, with the exception of dirt cheap exploitable labor. The third world has wised up, and WTO talks have collapsed. The EU is blaming the process as the problem, and not the continued and attempted rape as the problem.

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House decapitates man
AZ Central | Submitted by: FastEddy
"A man was killed early Monday when his truck collided at a Tempe intersection with a trailer hauling a house, decapitating him. ... Investigators do not know why the driver didn't see the house. The intersection is well lighted and the trailer was escorted by two civilian vehicles and two Maricopa County Sheriff's vehicles, Masters said. In addition, the trailer had red lights strung around it."

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Oblivious Canadian tortures bear cub | Submitted by: optional
"A Quebec woodsman who wanted a black bear as a pet, set out Tuesday morning and snatched a young cub from the Gatineau River -- its mother snarling from shore as Denis Ryan sped off on a Jet Ski, holding the kidnapped cub by the scruff of the neck. ... To wear out the bear, Mr. Ryan started running him over with the Jet Ski, forcing the cub's head under water. The 55-year-old woodsman got his best grip on the cub by holding it upside down by one of its hind legs. ... 'I just lifted him up and then I could dunk him. Then he couldn't breathe. I kept dunking and kept dunking him. Then I started to drive away,' Mr. Ryan told the Citizen. ... 'I was never mean to the bear. There was a couple of times I wanted to hit him over the head with a pipe or something but I didn't do that.'"

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Passport scam still exploitable
BBC | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"The bestselling thriller The Day of the Jackal shockingly revealed how crooks used the birth certificates of dead babies to obtain fake passports. ... The book's protagonist -- the Jackal -- trawls three village graveyards looking for the headstone of a baby boy who, had he not died, would have been about the same age as the assassin. Taking the details of the late Alexander James Quentin Duggan to the Central Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths, the Jackal buys a copy of the deceased's birth certificate -- all the proof he needs to successfully apply for a passport. 'When the book was published, I assumed this loophole would have been closed by officialdom within weeks. That was almost 32 years ago,' Mr Forsyth told BBC News Online. So why has the loophole not been plugged? 'Because bureaucrats are naturally lazy and indolent,' says Mr Forsyth."

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Conservatives worried about Orrin Hatch
Salt Lake Tribune | Submitted by: optional
"When Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch says he will do everything in his power to grant President Bush's latest request to expand federal police authority beyond the Patriot Act, it dismays one of the nation's leading conservative strategists. ... 'We are concerned not about Ashcroft, but about a possible subsequent attorney general, named by President Hillary Rodham Clinton, who might define as terrorists those of us who peacefully oppose government polices,' Free Congress Foundation Chairman Paul Weyrich wrote last week."

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Triumphant return of Hell House
KMGH-TV 7 Denver | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"'Hell House,' the walkthrough morality play that depicted suicide, abortion and AIDS, will return this Halloween as a stage show at a new location. ... 'Hell House' drew thousands to see harrowing scenes conveying the message that people who had premarital sex or abortions, took drugs, drank or committed suicide were headed for hell."

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Hermit evicted from Arizona forest
Canoe | Submitted by: Buzz Beer
"A man was evicted from an Arizona cave he had lived in for 11 years, after pleading guilty to using a national forest for residential purposes. Thomas Crawford had a bed, books and clothes arranged on hangers, along with pots and cutlery for cooking in his cave in the Coconino National Forest in northern Arizona. He was arrested Friday after a Flagstaff resident reported a suspicious camp."

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Patients reject Canada's medical marijuana | Submitted by: tinker
"Some of the first patients to smoke Health Canada's government-approved marijuana say it's 'disgusting' and want their money back. 'It's totally unsuitable for human consumption,' said Jim Wakeford, 58, an AIDS patient in Gibsons, B.C. ... Laboratory tests indicate the Health Canada product has only about three per cent THC -- not the 10.2 per cent advertised -- and contains contaminants such as lead and arsenic."

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Coming soon to a protest placard near you
Reuters | Submitted by: Soylent
Just add a little mustache, darken the hair, maybe switch out the flags. We're talking pure gold.

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