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August 24, 2003

Frozen food avalanche kills Canadian
AZ Central | Submitted by: Tim Howard
"Distraught warehouse workers dug frantically through a mountain of frozen food Saturday morning after tons collapsed on one of their colleagues. But they later learned the man had died. ... Somehow, five of the 50-foot-high racks, holding thousands of 1,750-pound pallets began to topple. They took each other out in a domino effect, causing the ceiling to collapse and one wall to bulge out."

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Woman buys 23 cents worth of gas, self-immolates
KNSD-TV 7 San Diego | Submitted by: Tim Howard
"A woman ignited herself with gasoline and received second- and third-degree burns over most of her body, a sheriff's lieutenant said. The 49-year-old woman drove into a Mobil station, paid for 23 cents worth of gasoline and showered herself with it before lighting herself on fire with a match, Lt. Don Crist of the San Diego Sheriff's Department said. The woman ran across the parking lot toward the convenience store at the refilling station in the 700 block of Sycamore Avenue at about 8 p.m. Friday after she set herself ablaze."

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Canada's terrorism case seemingly tenuous | Submitted by: Gorg
"The men, all Pakistanis who entered Canada before Sept. 5, 2001, were arrested in raids last week by RCMP and city police officers in Toronto and surrounding suburbs... A four-page intelligence briefing called 'Reasons for Detention' presented at their detention-review hearing this week states that one was taking lessons to be a commercial multi-engine pilot and his training flight path went over the Pickering nuclear plant east of Toronto. ... Manny Rosario, a manager at Durham Flight School near the Pickering plant, said he routinely has students from many countries including Pakistan but he doesn't recall any flying over the nuclear site. Since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, students fly around -- rather than over -- the plant unless they are under radar control and directed to do so by a controller, he said."

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Tard left in bus bakes like Thanksgiving turkey | Submitted by: Tim Howard
"Authorities are trying to figure out how an 11-year-old special needs student was left in a parked van for six hours in near 90-degree heat. ... After picking up the boy, who is severely disabled, the driver, Deborah Stone of New Hampshire, drove and parked the bus in a parking lot away from the school. The driver allegedly left the boy alone. 'At this point in time the child appears to have been left in the van for approximately seven hours,' Groton Police Department Chief Robert Mulhern said. When the driver returned and drove the bus to the school to pick up the child, he was still on the bus. Temperatures Thursday afternoon reached 89 degrees. The boy's body temperature reportedly rose to 104 degrees."

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Innovative new way to beat your children
Chicago Sun-Times | Submitted by: Tim Howard
"It is shaped like a billy club, about a foot long, covered in high-density fabric with a nonallergenic soft filling, to give it about the consistency of a pin cushion. It is a very soft thing that still manages to sting when you are hit with it. ... 'I just want to provide an alternative to a piece of leather, a strap, things that can actually injure a child. ... It's really just a harmless way of getting a small child's attention.'"

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Perp who faked own death busted by childhood friend
KMGH-TV 7 Denver | Submitted by: Tim Howard
"Misty Quackenbush had almost gotten away with it -- until she ran into a childhood friend in Texas. Her friend happened to be a sheriff's deputy who had read about her death in a truck accident while catching up on news back home online. ... Brown was on patrol with a Texas sheriff's department in Shamrock when he spotted two people in a car, including Quackenbush, with whom he had grown up in Cortez in Montezuma County. And he had read about her alleged death in the Cortez Journal's online edition."

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Woman's ashes sold for $2 at discount store
WEWS-TV 5 Cleveland | Submitted by: Tim Howard
"A man who bought a wood box for $2 because it looked interesting opened it and found a woman's ashes inside. He located the woman's daughter and will be sending the remains to her. ... When he unscrewed the bottom at home, Oldaker discovered a plastic bag of ashes and a note identifying them as those of June Peltier of Marion, Mich."

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