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June 17, 2003

'Zombie drug' epidemic in Columbia
Wire Services | Submitted by: Tim Howard
"There are so many scopolamine cases that they usually don't make the news unless particularly bizarre. One such incident involved three young Bogota women who preyed on men by smearing the drug on their breasts and luring their victims to take a lick. Losing all willpower, the men readily gave up their bank access codes. The breast-temptress thieves then held them hostage for days while draining their accounts. The U.S. Embassy in Bogota takes scopolamine very seriously and offers staff tips on how avoid being drugged. One piece of advice may seem obvious: Don't let your drinks out of your sight when at a Bogota bar or nightclub."

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Teen girl's prison in sex scandal
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | Submitted by: Tim Howard
"When it opened three years ago, the Florida Institute for Girls west of West Palm Beach was touted as the last rehabilitative hope for the state's most troubled female juvenile delinquents. But almost immediately reports surfaced of sex between the teenage inmates and the adults responsible for their care. 'Everybody in there had a relationship with somebody; there was not a staff in there that wasn't going with somebody,' according to one 19-year-old former prison inmate, who said she was manipulated into a consensual relationship with a male employee."

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7th grader unhappy about new Cleveland holiday
World Net Daily | Submitted by: Dirty Sammy
"A 13-year-old Caucasian girl was brutally attacked by a mob of black and Hispanic teenagers in what appears to be a racially motivated 'hate crime' committed in honor of 'Beat Up a White Kid Day,' reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Authorities say 12 girls and six boys, aged 9 through 15, beat, kicked and choked the girl near Wilbur Wright Middle School in Cleveland, Ohio, in observance of a May Day ritual among the teens."

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Disabled veteran killed by exploding TV, flammable videocassettes
ic Birmingham | Submitted by: Watcher
"An Army veteran died when the television he was watching exploded, sending shards of glass across the room, an inquest heard. Wheelchair-bound Denis McGillicuddy, aged 56, was watching breakfast TV in the living room of his home in Tugford Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham, when the set blew up. The explosion started a fire, leaving the former member of the Royal Signals stranded without any hope of escape. He suffered 30 per cent burns and smoke inhalation and died in hospital. ...the coroner Aidan Cotter added that people who kept large numbers of videos in one place increased the chances of making a fire worse."

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Jessica Lynch story collapses under Army investigation
MSNBC | Submitted by: madbastard
"Initial news reports, including those in The Washington Post, which cited unnamed U.S. officials with access to intelligence reports, described Lynch emptying her M-16 into Iraqi soldiers. The intelligence reports from intercepts and Iraqi informants said that Lynch fought fiercely, was stabbed and shot multiple times, and that she killed several of her assailants 'She was fighting to the death,' one of the officials was quoted as saying. 'She did not want to be taken alive.'" It is now believed things went down a little differently: "Lynch tried to fire her weapon, but it jammed, according to military officials familiar with the Army investigation. She did not kill any Iraqis. She was neither shot nor stabbed, they said."

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