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June 02, 2003

Powell: Iraqi WMD reports just "bullshit"
U.S. News | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"The men and women of the Bush administration argued about what Secretary of State Colin Powell should -- and should not -- say at the United Nations Security Council four days later. Not all the secret intelligence about Saddam Hussein's misdeeds, they found, stood up to close scrutiny. At one point during the rehearsal, Powell tossed several pages in the air. 'I'm not reading this,' he declared. 'This is bullshit.'"

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Muslim's corpse defiled with bacon
BBC | Submitted by: BINGO BANGO
"65-year-old Habiba Mohammed's body was found with rashers [strips] of bacon placed on her. It is strictly against the Muslim religion to eat or touch pork. Detectives have also learned another corpse was defiled in the mortuary -- a white woman found with pen marks on her body in 1996. And 2,000 photographs of bodies, believed to have been taken over 10 years, have been seized by officers." [And no, we don't have the photos.]

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EU not Christian enough for the Vatican
BBC | Submitted by: Lydia
"The Vatican has expressed its anger at the failure of those drafting a new constitution for the European Union to include a reference to Christianity in their working version of the document. While the current draft speaks of Europe's 'spiritual impulse' and refers to the continent's Greco-Roman and Enlightenment heritage, it makes no mention of the continent's predominant religion. ... Last week, Vatican officials expressed doubts over Turkey's bid to join the EU, [because] Turkey is a deeply Muslim country."

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Lethal injection poison not cruel, but illegal for animals
WMC-TV | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"Tennessee's lethal injection procedure for executing condemned inmates is constitutional even though it uses a drug banned for euthanasia of animals, a Nashville judge ruled Monday. ... In an 18-page ruling, Davidson County Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle agreed the method of execution is 'not state of the art,' could be updated so that fewer drugs are needed, and that the state had failed to demonstrate any need to use Pavulon, which is banned for use on animals."

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Bull disrupts Yemeni legislature
BBC | Submitted by: Lydia
"Yemen's parliament was interrupted when a raging bull broke free from its captors and injured three people, before being shot dead by police. The bull had been brought to parliament for slaughter by tribesmen on Saturday to underline a grievance with a lawmaker. A Yemeni family had planned to protest against the confiscation of their land. Under tribal custom, spilling a bull's blood would have been seen as a public declaration of animosity."

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Company layoffs announced via text messaging
News Corporation | Submitted by: Dirty Sammy
"A failing British company sacked 2500 employees by sending text messages to their mobile telephones. 'I must apologise for the nature of this call. I would have preferred to have done this on a face-to-face basis,' said the message to staff of The Accident Group, which specialised in personal injury claims. ... Accident Group staff received their monthly pay slips as normal on Thursday. But yesterday morning they received the text message: 'Urgent. Unfortunately salaries not paid. Please do not contact office. Full details to follow.'"

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Tweaker kills self, children, pets
WVTM TV | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
"A father apparently upset over his marital problems killed his three young children and then hanged himself in their rural Etowah County home, police said. ... [D]eputies found the couple's children, 10-year-old Brandon, 8-year-old Ashley and 4-year-old Katherine, dead in their beds. ... Krost also decapitated all six family pets -- two dogs, three cats and an albino boa constrictor."

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Saddam's daughters seeking asylum in Britain
BBC | Submitted by: Lydia
"Two of Saddam Hussein's three daughters are planning to seek asylum in the UK... the two women were living with their nine children in two rooms of a trusted middle-class family's Baghdad home, having been thrown out of their palaces. ... A Home Office spokesman would not confirm what would happen if an application was received from the women. 'The UK is not required to offer asylum to known war criminals or those who have breached the human rights of others,' he said."

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University offering "virus and malware" course | Submitted by: Vomit
"A university course in Canada teaching students how to create computer viruses has been met with derision by angry industry watchers, who believe it will create a pool of future virus writers. ... The thinking behind the course is that educating students in virus writing will lead to a greater understanding of how to stop viruses."

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