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January 04, 2003

Childless turn to meals of testicles
News Corporation | Submitted by: mark knipe
"Mouse testicles have reportedly become a hot seller in Taiwan since five infertile couples said they conceived after eating dishes containing the organs. The craze took hold after a bulldozer driver in the southern county of Pingtung and his wife conceived their long-awaited baby about a month ago, the United Daily News said."

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Sort of Moon sort of followup
MSNBC | Submitted by: Crazy Quagga
An earlier "new moon" story turned out to be space junk, but this is apparently the real deal: "In 95 years, the asteroid will have advanced all the way around to where it is catching up to Earth from behind. A similar interaction will then push the asteroid back onto a slower outside track, and the pattern will repeat. In about 600 years, the asteroid may begin looping around Earth like a tiny, distant quasi-moon."

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Coming clampdown on LA internet cafes
Wire Services | Submitted by: HawaiianAtheist
Seems some folks need to pin the real cause of this debacle abit more throughly; A Los Angeles city councilman has called for an investigation of violence at so-called Internet cafes, a step that could prompt a crackdown on the popular and controversial sites for PC-based games. But, much of the violence at Orange County cybercafes has been blamed on Asian gang disputes and not geeky gamers.

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Murder defendant wants pistol
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle | Submitted by: Captain Prozac
Yes, this is just a great idea: "Jerold Ponder, in jail facing a second degree murder charge in connection with the July shooting death of his pregnant girlfriend, is hoping a judge will let him have a pistol permit. Ponder, 29, applied for the permit in October 2001, said Monroe County Court Judge Frank Geraci."

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Bayou surprise
Shreveport Times | Submitted by: Squealing Pig
"The dismembered remains of a man were found Friday in a taped plastic storage container floating in Bayou Cocodrie along the Rapides Evangeline parish line. The victim's head was attached to his torso, but he "had been cut to bits," said Evangeline Sheriff Wayne Morein."

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Two Times a Lady
Independent Online | Submitted by: Squealing Pig
"A 29 year old East Rand [South Africa] woman was gang-raped twice in the early hours of New Year's Day first by two knife-wielding attackers and again by five other armed men when she went to report the first attack."

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