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January 01, 2003

Britain mulled ethnic cleansing in Northern Ireland
Globe and Mail | Submitted by: optional
In 1972, the British government explored the possibility of exiling hundreds of thousands of its own citizens, as an attempt to extinguish the war in Northern Ireland. The scheme would have involved orchestrating forced emigration for Catholics to the Irish Republic (in the south). The plan was ultimately rejected because officials could not figure out how to handle the negative publicity which would inevitably be generated "by expelling large numbers of its own citizens and doing so on a religious basis."

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Congressman wants to bring back the draft
New York Times | Submitted by: Ducky
Charles Rangel (Democrat, New York) has announced in an op-ed piece that he will seek to revive military conscription. The reason? Rangel is upset because only one member of Congress who voted in favor of war with Iraq currently has a child serving in the military. He feels that the men and women of the House and Senate would have exhibited "more caution and a greater willingness to work with the international community." [If that's true, then shouldn't Rangel have simply sponsored a bill requiring the children of elected officials to sign up for military service? Why lay this on the rest of the country? Also consider the 1863 Draft Riots -- it took a full week for the New York authorities to regain order.]

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Hardcore Arab-Israeli sex video | Submitted by: PETE
"Yussuf and Fatima" is being advertised in Israel as "the first Israeli-Arab porno." The 60-minute film evidently features a Palestinian man named Amir copulating with an Israeli "38-year-old mother of eight" named Amal Kusha. Was pornstar Jenna Jameson busy with some other project? Apparently both stars have been beaten by angry mobs since the video was produced.

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Happy New Year, I'm gonna kill myself.
New York Post | Submitted by: wingnut
An ex-girlfriend of porn publisher Al Goldstein, armed with several of his licensed handguns, barricaded herself in a room at his Pompano Beach, Fla., home and threatened to kill herself. "I'm in my underwear, I'm in my own house and three people rush in and point guns at me," said Goldstein, who was in another room of the mansion. "First I'm thinking home invasion, then I realize they're cops, and they say to me, ‘Where's Katherine?' "

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