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October 16, 2002

Woman gives birth to own grandchildren
CNN | Submitted by: Squeak the Human Chew-Toy
Those wacky folks from South Dakota are at it again. This time, a woman has given birth to her own grandchildren, via eggs from her daughter (who was born without a uterus) fertilized by the daughter's husband. There may be some tangles in that family tree.

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Tracking the McKeldin Masturbator
The Diamondback | Submitted by: george_lazenby
"To most, McKeldin Library is an attractive place for learning, free of the clamor of dormitory living and filled with an endless collection of books and periodicals. It's also an institution that has provided the perfect setting for indecent exposure crimes, letting the culprits prey on students using the library's quiet nooks and isolated study rooms. "

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Snake schnapps
Independent Online | Submitted by: george_lazenby
"The shock for the man, named Li, came during his lunch break on Saturday when he opened the bottle in which the snake had been pickled for a year, the Beijing-based Xin Bao newspaper said on Tuesday. Before he had a chance to even sample the drink, the snake sank its teeth into his neck, the paper said." Unfortunatly it wasn't venomous.

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All is fair in love and football
Florida Times-Union | Submitted by: djlotek
"During the game, as many as 15 Mustangs developed a severe case of diarrhea, and a greater number had worse-than-normal problems with dehydration. Uniforms were literally soiled, and several of the team's best players were in the locker room trying to clean themselves up while the Mustangs were trying to hold a lead in the final minutes of a 29-26 loss that could cost Mandarin a playoff spot."

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Dad leaves toddler at crack house
WKMG-TV 6 Orlando | Submitted by: Rio
"A Michigan man is accused of leaving his 3 year old son in a crack house for at least 11 hours, while he tried to get more cocaine. James Jackson is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The boy was found unhurt after a man and woman dropped him off Sunday morning at a church. The boy apparently spent the night in the drug den."

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Faulty exhaust leads to suicide
Dayton Daily News | Submitted by: Idle Hands
"A Wheeling man jumped to his death from an interstate bridge while fleeing Ohio police who had tried to stop him for having a defective exhaust system on his car, authorities said Monday. Roger W. Smith, 25, was pronounced dead at Ohio Valley Medical Center early Sunday shortly after he jumped. He landed on abandoned railroad tracks about 55 feet underneath an Interstate 470 bridge over the Ohio River."

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Sex illegal still in Georgia
Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Submitted by: Jonsl
For 169 years, it's been a crime in Georgia for anyone to have sex out of wedlock. But an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer on Tuesday asked the Georgia Supreme Court to toss the government "out of the bedroom" by throwing out the state's fornication law. "Hundreds of thousands of Georgians, even those in long-term relationships, are criminals, criminals under this law, even if they engage in these private acts in their own house."

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Bad News Bears go to Arizona
KGTV 10 San Diego | Submitted by: StankyGoodness
A teen girl sleeps with one teen baseball team, and then complains when another teen baseball team gang rapes her. Please, teenage nymphettes: do not sleep with baseball teams. It brings nothing but heartache and abrasion.

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Popular bear shot, killed on 2nd floor of hotel
Anchorage Daily News | Submitted by: Alaska Freegold
More proof fast food will kill you: "Up in Deadhorse [Alaska], they say Toby was just a popular bear gone bad, a grizzly doomed by a knack for opening doors, and a taste for french fries. After skinning out Toby and donating his meat to North Slope villages, Shideler and Kelleyhouse discovered french fries, candy wrappers and many partly digested packets of hot apple cider mix in the bear's stomach." With a short videoclip.

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