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September 10, 2002

Rabbi cooked in kosher meat plant
Indianapolis Star | Submitted by: anonymous
Rabbi David C. Franz, one of the rabbis employed at Hebrew National's Indianapolis facility to ensure that meat there is processed in accordance with Jewish law, died in a fire at the plant. Firefighters were told all employees were out, and thus did not venture inside to rescue anyone. The rabbi brigade at Hebrew National is responsible for its own scheduling, leaving plant managers unaware when rabbis are present. The rabbi in question now answers to an "even higher authority".

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Buzz Aldrin still a badass
Wire Services | Submitted by: Incubus
Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, a man who has logged over 4,500 hours of flight time for NASA (290 of those in space), and one of the two men to first step foot on the moon, is still proving himself a badass at age 72. "Bart Sibrel, an independent filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee, said he was trying to conduct an ambush interview with Aldrin outside a hotel in Beverly Hills on Monday when the astronaut punched him and ran away... The incident was videotaped for Sibrel's second film, which claims to prove that the Apollo 11 astronauts faked footage of their July 1969 trip to the Moon to fool the Soviet Union into thinking the United States had won the 1960s space race."

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Poet warfare
Village Voice | Submitted by: Son of Benway
When poets attack: "Unfortunately, the Maya Angelou of A Song Flung Up to Heaven seems small and inauthentic, without ideas, wisdom or vision. Something is being flung up to heaven all right, but it isn't a song... empty phrases and sweeping generalities... dead metaphors ("sobbing embrace," "my heart fell in my chest") and clumsy similes ("like the sound of buffaloes running into each other at rutting times").

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Single white female
Reuters | Submitted by: thedanos
"A British seaside landlady was targeted by a hate campaign after an advertisement for her flat mistakenly said she was seeking a white person as a tenant rather than a quiet person."

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September 11 new holiday for telemarketers
CNN | Submitted by: D. Rango
It takes the destruction of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, the loss of thousands of innocent people and a war to get the damn telemarketers to stop calling for one night. (The real way to get them to stop is to cease buying their products; the American public purchased $668B from telemarketers last year, a number that seems insane.)

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Staff helps cover up Noelle Bush cocaine charge
Orlando Sentinel | Submitted by: rebrane
Jeb Bush's daughter Noelle in trouble again, and we are shocked, simply shocked, that the rehab staff would collude in such a way: "Bush was not arrested because police could not obtain sworn statements signed by the center's staff. A worker who found the suspected cocaine on Noelle Bush tore up a sworn statement she had began writing at the suggestion of one of her bosses, police said."

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Symptoms of a Stepford Citizen
BuzzFlash | Submitted by: Ann Onymous
As a corrective to the 9-11 urban legends and other stupidities currently circulating, this top ten checklist is a must. Watch out for your neighbor if he starts reciting false truisms like "Dubya is decent" or "the media is liberal." You may be in the presence of a Stepford Citizen, a well-programmed robot designed to spout comforting platitudes that have little or no basis in actual fact.

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Lazy British road workers
Sun | Submitted by: Joe Revees
This time they ran over a dead badger while painting white lines on the road. Two great pictures of painted badger.

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