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April 15, 2002

Boy raised by chimps
News Corporation | Submitted by: mark knipe
"When he was first brought in, Bello, who is about the size and weight of a four-year-old, walked in a chimpanzee-like fashion, moving on his hind legs but dragging his arms on the ground... Still today he leaps, chimpanzee like, and claps his hands over his head repeatedly, cupping his hands, as monkeys do, and does not speak but makes chimpanzee-like noises."

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Fatties have new hope
New Scientist | Submitted by: Polymorf
This isn't from a tabloid, but an established science magazine: "Scientists have found an enzyme in muscle that, when activated, can mimic the effects of exercise. The discovery could one day lead to 'exercise in a bottle' pills but this will not be for many years, as the experiments have so far only been done in mice."

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Girl pimps too young to be charged
Canoe | Submitted by: egoman
"For six months Constable Tim Korchinski and the Saskatoon vice unit heard stories about an 11-year-old girl running a prostitution ring. The four person unit spent hours compiling information from tips and other sources. "This girl was actually successful in doing this through other people," Korchinski said. "She was very manipulative. She was a bit of a bully too..."

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Excessive Reading A Disease
ABC News | Submitted by: f00f
"When Jimmy suddenly started to read as a toddler still in diapers, his parents were shocked. [...] Their dazzling ability to read is in fact a rare syndrome called hyperlexia, which means excessive reading. The illness, which affects mostly boys, is so unusual no one is sure how many kids it affects. It is accompanied by significant delays in language, and an inability to interact normally with others."

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$100,000 speeding ticket
Canoe | Submitted by: anonymous
Anssi Vanjoki drove 46.5 mph in a 30 mph zone and for that, he recieved a ticket for $103,000 based on his annual income, or $6200 for every mile over the speed limit. Vanjoki is an executive at Nokia, at a trade fair he demonstrated their new ringtones: the phone "emits the roar of a motorbike followed by police sirens."

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Sewage truck explodes
Otago Daily Times | Submitted by: Melisande
"Inner city traffic was showered with effluent [the polite word for mostly fecal matter] and hydrogen peroxide after the back end of a septic tank vacuum truck exploded in Dunedin yesterday. The explosion, which could heard and felt several blocks away, blew out a window at the nearby Leviathan Hotel and sent a metal sluice valve flying about 15m into the windscreen of a parked car." Fantastic picture of the brown aftermath.

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Picture of the day
News of the World | Submitted by: Wessoman
This article isn't all that interesting or unusual. But in the upper right is a picture of a little girl: "A protestor at an anti-Israeli demo in Berlin resses his daughter up as a suicide bomber - her tiny body strapped with sticks of pretend TNT..."

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