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April 10, 2002

NYC mayor is pro-marijuana poster boy
New York Daily News | Submitted by: Crazy Quagga
Pro-pot legalization group NORML is using an admission of previous marijuana use by New York Mayor Bloomburg in their ad campaign. "I am not thrilled they are using my name. I suppose there's that First Amendment that gets in the way of me stopping it." That pesky First Amendment again.

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Tweakers flee squalid, burning house
Modesto Bee | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
Just ask Richard Pryor: when you're running down the street and you're on fire, people get out of your way. Anita Yvonne Barr and Donald James Keeslar understood that observation firsthand when they, their meth lab, and their garbage house all caught fire. Kesslar sustained burns over 80 percent of his body. When investigators checked out the house, they found it less than immaculate. It had no electricity, and the backyard was covered with a layer of garbage. They found a syringe in the mailbox. According to an eyewitness from the local Methamphetamine Task Force: "There's trash everywhere. There is rotten chicken in the refrigerator with maggots all over it. It's pretty gross."

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School district mulls testing every student for drugs
Los Angeles Times | Submitted by: Reid Fleming
Alturas, California is pondering whether to require drug tests of its entire high school student body. Officials will vote today on whether to test their students, even in the absence of any suspicion, much less probable cause. "Forget terrorists. Drugs are this country's biggest enemy. We've got to do something," said Seab McDonald, President of the Modoc Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees. Good thinking, you fucking moron.

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Rotten News possibly illegal
Financial Times | Submitted by: yesguy
Yet another case of courts not understanding technology and rendering decisions with their heads up their asses: "The ninth circuit US court of appeals is being lobbied to reconsider a dangerous if little noticed decision handed down in February. The case involves the quintessential web practice of linking. Critics say it could turn almost every web link into an act of copyright infringement, threatening the unique value of the web as a tool of knowledge by preventing people from finding their way around it."

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Jesus a bastard
News Corporation | Submitted by: mark knipe
An Irish priest has been preaching that Mary might not be as virginal as we had suspected, making Jesus somewhat of a bastard. The heresy trial is expected to end in the defrocking of The Very Reverend Andrew Furlong. Truth may not be an absolute defense against Faith.

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Man tries to choke the finer points from wife
Syracuse Post-Standard | Submitted by: jon
"A Syracuse man charged with trying to kill his ex-wife Sunday claimed she was his "own personal demon from hell" and that he believed God would forgive him for killing her... He said he then went to Clark Reservation State Park in Jamesville, where he used the knife and a razor he had in the car to cut both wrists and his neck... He stated that all his wounds clotted and he didn't die so he turned himself in to the police."

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Missouri combats goth culture: $273K
Washington Times | Submitted by: deathstar461
"A youth-outreach program in Missouri expected to spend $273,000 to combat "Goth culture" was among the $20.1 billion that Congress doled out for pet projects in fiscal year 2002, according to the "Pig Book" released today."

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China - Number #1 in executions, worldwide
CNN | Submitted by: kade
"Amnesty reported Tuesday that over 3,048 people were executed in 31 countries, with China topping the list. Between April and July 2001 at least 1,781 people were executed in China, more than the total number of people executed in the rest of the world in the previous three years... Since 1990, China has executed some 20,000 people."

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Bomb the Pentagon not really censored
Primal Scream | Submitted by: aeon
Ananova wrote a story (based on a old PR wire or something) dated today about Warner's act Primal Scream's track "Bomb the Pentagon" on their coming album facing censorship. The song protesting U.S. foreign policy was recorded prior to September 11th. From Primal Scream's website, "He also said the song 'Bomb the Pentagon' has been changed to 'Rise' and Bobby changed the 'Bomb the Pentagon' line in the song to 'Rise' as well. Bobby said it's not worth the hassle, he doesn't want everyone on his case." [Please note that Daily Rotten does not generally link Ananova stories.]

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