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March 26, 2002

Dead chicken, human head, same difference
Orlando Sentinel | Submitted by: ElectraCutieKitty
"When the pastor of an Orlando church opened a cardboard box Sunday afternoon and peeled back the plastic grocery bag inside, he discovered what he thought was the remains of dead chicken. The pastor threw the package in the trash and went about his day, not knowing that he had, in fact, found a human head."

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Backyard nudity upheld
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette | Submitted by: BigJagov
"But one evening in June 2000, a woman three back yards away called the police on the naked stoop-sitting. By the time he walked out of Centre County Common Pleas Court seven months later, Stitzer was on two years probation for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct." The case has been thrown out of court: "His back yard couldn't be deemed a public place, he wasn't doing anything to call attention to himself and the offended neighbor, 65 yards away, was too distant, the judges reasoned." And now that woman will have to find something else to stare at through her binoculars.

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Sex doll found not to be a corpse
BBC | Submitted by: funkmastersilv
"A German man suspected of murder has been cleared by police after it emerged a 'corpse' in his possession was in fact a new addition to his sex doll collection." Apparently the man had just taken it out for a 'test drive', if you know what I mean.

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U.S. chicken bugs Russia
St. Petersburg Times | Submitted by: AronRigo
"I would like to point out that American farmers are injecting the chickens they grow with antibiotics used to treat people. This is prohibited in Russia." Last week, U.S. negotiators confirmed that their producers used antibiotics and dosages prohibited in Russia. Doses of tetracycline, for example, are 200 times the legal limit. They also admitted to using arsenic to make their chicken more aesthetically pleasing." Arsenic??

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Isn't "French Frog" redundant?
Taipei Times | Submitted by: superduperabdul
The frog is like a woman. Only their thighs are good. "Josette Pouchucq wants to put the slime back in the frog business. Along with the 60 other ruling members of the Brotherhood of Frog Thigh Tasters, Pouchucq leads the struggle to restore la grenouille to glory by persuading the government to put fresh French frogs back on the table. Resplendent in the green robe and yellow sash of the Thigh Tasters, Pouchucq flourishes a broiled frog leg of unknown origin and says, "we prefer the frogs we eat to be French."

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The Suicide Bomber Bonus
Sydney Morning Herald | Submitted by: LovleAnjel
"The hall was packed and the intake of breath was audible as a special announcement was made to the war widows of the West Bank - Saddam Hussein would pay $US25,000 to the family of each suicide bomber as an enticement for others to volunteer for martyrdom in the name of the Palestinian people. The men at the top table then opened Saddam's chequebook and, as the names of 47 martyrs were called, family representatives went up to sign for cheques written in US dollars."

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Women of Enron
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
"Playboy Magazine may entice some of those who lost their shirts in the Enron scandal to reveal more than even investigating congressional committees want to see. The Chicago-based adult magazine is inviting Enron women, past and present, to send snapshots of themselves clad in bikinis if they wish to appear in an upcoming Women of Enron issue."

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Fritz Hollings is a retard
Observer | Submitted by: Soylent
"The outrageousness of the studios' position [on CBDTPA] does not seem to have outraged US legislators - which may have something to do with the fact that Disney alone gave them $6.3 million in campaign contributions in a single year. There is, however, one sobering statistic which may eventually cause even Congress to balk at the studios' arrogance. US domestic spending on computing technology is running at $600 billion a year, while Hollywood generates a measly $35B."

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Keeping rats awake
Scientific American | Submitted by: dtallee
"In the case of rats, however, continuous sleep deprivation for about two weeks or more inevitably caused death in experiments conducted in Allan Rechtschaffen’s sleep laboratory at the University of Chicago. Two animals lived on a rotating disc over a pool of water, separated by a fixed wall. Brainwaves were recorded continuously into a computer program that almost instantaneously recognized the onset of sleep. When the experimental rat fell asleep, the disc was rotated to keep it awake by bumping it against the wall and threatening to push the animal into the water."

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