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March 24, 2002

Russell Crowe a vampire?
News of the World | Submitted by: Soylent
Did the Oscar favorite suckerpunch a fan and try to drink his blood? "Crowe just went schitz. He punched me straight in the face, pulled me close and bit me on the neck. He ripped out a part of my neck. He was going off his head. I had my thumb smashed. It was such a bad break I needed orthopedic surgery."

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Physical mutation claimed for video gamers
Observer | Submitted by: pseudopod
This is such a bullshit story that it's amazing that it got published at all. Researcher Sadie Plant at Warwick claims thumbs have mutated into what fingers used to do for the under-25 Gameboy generation. Since mutated has genetic connotations (which would be significant) she has to qualify it with the term "physically mutated". Which is of course total nonsense. This is the same pheneomenon that happens to typists who type all day, frequent masturbators, or any people who engage in repetitive activity.

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Attempting to copyright DNA music
Independent | Submitted by: sarefo
When you play DNA sequences through a synthesizer, you get a cacophany of noise that goes something like ATCGGCATGAATCG. That is music to the ears of at least one biotech company, Maxygen, who may be attempting the fraud of copyrighting these sequences as music in order to secure the 100 year copyrights afforded audio recordings. The only hole in that plan, they did not produce these sequences, only discover them. Perhaps they should switch to marketing feminine hygiene products, a line more in tune with their company's goofy sounding name.

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