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March 17, 2002

100 skinned animal carcasses found near airport
KBCI TV | Submitted by: Odessa
"A pile of skinned carcusses more than a foot deep and ten feet in diameter... Foxes, Coyotes, Racoons, Beaver even squirrels are visible in the pile. So are about a dozen house cats - the only carcusses still with fur... Authorities say the culprit can only be charged with illegal dumping which carries a $100 fine."

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Child gangs on the rampage in Pennsylvania
Associated Press | Submitted by: jesus shaman
Never too young to learn the art of home invasion: "Police plan to file charges against at least seven children, ages 8 to 12, for allegedly invading the apartment of two young women, molesting them and stealing their food... Five boys surrounded the women, overpowering them and groping them, while two girls helped themselves to food in the refrigerator, police said."

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Advertising on gravestones
Guardian | Submitted by: Kade
"A computer games firm has been accused of pushing back the frontiers of bad taste after it announced that it was seeking to advertise its latest title on gravestones. Acclaim Entertainment said yesterday that it would pay relatives of the recently bereaved in return for placing small billboards on headstones, and that the offer might particularly interest poorer families."

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I'm going to beat that baby out of you
Buffalo News | Submitted by: Puppy Rapist
"A North Buffalo man admitted Friday that he deliberately beat his pregnant girlfriend two months ago to abort the fetus he helped create. It was the first abortion conviction in the state in more than three decades. Jeremy Powell, 20, pleaded guilty to felony abortion and second-degree assault in the attack on his girlfriend Jan. 27 in her home. She was three months pregnant."

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Apathy the big winner in Illini election
Daily Illini | Submitted by: Danny Gauntlet
"Two comic strip characters were disqualified from student government elections Wednesday night and candidates from the Genesis slate won spots as student trustee and ISG president." Commentary from submitter: yeah, I go to U of I, and I think that Gordon the Gnome and Hale T. Snail would have been the best choice. But it turns out they spent too much money advertising, because the strip counts as advertising. I hate student government so much. Also see cartoonist Shachar Meron's reaction [second link].

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Swan dive photo wins 3rd prize
World Press Photo Awards | Submitted by: Soylent
Someone submitted one of the "Swan Dive" photos to Rotten and we posted it on September 11, and took a lot of shit for it: hate mail poured in by the bucketfulls. After we found out it was an AP photo we immediately removed it, prompting many people to accuse us of censorship. The photo in question was taken by Richard Drew and has won third prize for the spot news category of the World Press Photo Awards.

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