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March 03, 2002

Recent Domesday book already obsolete
Observer | Submitted by: Soylent
"It was meant to be a showcase for Britain's electronic prowess - a computer based, multimedia version of the Domesday Book. But 16 years after it was created, the UKP 2.5 million BBC Domesday Project has achieved an unexpected and unwelcome status: it is now unreadable. The special computers developed to play the 12 inch video discs of text, photographs, maps and archive footage of British life are - quite simply - obsolete."

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Anti Anthrax Tomato
WKMG | Submitted by: Rio
"Scientists use a special gene gun to bombard tomato and tobacco leaves with millions of the protective proteins. The process leaves a plant containing enough anthrax vaccine to inoculate a human being, according to the report. "Every single seed, every single cell in the next generation plant will contain the protective antigen," Daniell said."

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Ten Euro note causes impotence
Sunday Herald Sun | Submitted by: mark knipe
"A German claims the switch to the European single currency has left him bankrupt in the bedroom. Wolfgang Fritz says that after handling his country's newly-issued 10-euro notes, he became impotent -- and is planning to sue the state for free Viagra to get his love life up to the mark again... Sufferers say the culprit is a chemical called tributyltin, used only in the 10 euro note."

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SAS executive dies of helium overdose
News & Observer | Submitted by: Soylent
"Charles H. Dunham, a vice president of information systems at the Cary-based software company, inhaled the gas from a 20-pound tank 2 to 3 feet tall, said sheriff's Capt. T. S. Matthews. In rare instances, helium has been used as a way to commit suicide, but Dunham's death was ruled accidental because there was evidence that Dunham had used helium before, Matthews said. He would not elaborate."

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Dinosaur barf warrants closer study
National Geographic | Submitted by: Scooter
"British scientists have discovered the world's oldest fossilized vomit, believed to have come from a large marine reptile 160 million years ago. The vomit contains the remains of dozens of belemnites—squid-like shellfish that lived in abundance in the seas around what is now Britain. The belemnites were eaten in great numbers by ichthyosaurs, large marine reptiles (related to land-dwelling dinosaurs) common in the warm seas of the Jurassic era, similar in size and shape to dolphins but with pointed snouts full of sharp teeth." Story with photo of vomit being lovingly cradled.

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