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February 25, 2002

Bears fail the Acid Test
Reuters | Submitted by: anonymous
"Chinese police have detained a student who poured sulphuric acid on five bears in Beijing Zoo as part of an experiment to test their intelligence, state media said on Monday... "I wanted to test whether or not they really are stupid," Xinhua quoted him as saying." Who will test the Chinese students for stupidity?

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Two headed moose fetus
Anchorage Daily News | Submitted by: burndown6
A two headed moose fetus was discovered in close proximity to the top secret Clear Air Force Station radar listening post in Alaska. The moose's mother had been shot by a tribal hunter for use in a funerary celebration. "The foot-long fetus had two heads and four legs emerging from the same small body, said Jim Simon, who oversees a traditional foods assessment program for the Tanana Chiefs Conference in Fairbanks. It has been frozen pending a detailed biological study that will include X-rays, a dissection and tissue testing." Article includes photo.

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Big Brother to watch from above
Observer | Submitted by: Soylent
"All cars will be fitted with a 'big brother' satellite tracking meter to charge drivers up to 45p a mile for every journey taken under radical plans to slash congestion on British roads. The scheme, proposed by the Government's independent transport advisers, would see drivers handed monthly bills charging them for every single journey." [Of course, they could get the exact same effect by merely raising the tax on gasoline, but that does not yield quite the same intelligence benefits as a database of exactly where you go in your car. This is scary.]

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Catholic Church hiding molesters...again...
ABCnews | Submitted by: malone500
"Even as he was repeatedly accused of molesting children over a period of 30 years, former Catholic priest John Geoghan was treated leniently and sympathetically by the highest officials in the Boston Archdiocese, who continually re-assigned him as a parish priest, the internal church documents said. Although they were aware of complaints and allegations that he was sexually abusing and exploiting young boys at his churches for years, archdiocese officials, including two cardinals, did not remove the priest from posts where he had close contact with young children." [Why hasn't the Church been charged with RICO violations? All of the predicates are present.]

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Ed Rosenthal's cannabis bust
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: Soylent
"The 57-year-old Oakland resident is possibly the world's No. 1 authority on growing marijuana. He has penned more than a dozen books and the "Ask Ed" column for High Times and Cannabis Culture magazines. He even gave tips to the Reagan administration on growing pot at a federal test farm in Mississippi. Over the years, Rosenthal said, he just doled out advice but didn't actually grow dope himself. But on Feb. 12, he got busted. Rosenthal is one of men facing federal charges of producing more than 100 marijuana plants for sale at the Harm Reduction Center, a San Francisco medicinal marijuana club."

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