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February 24, 2002

The Future of Ideas
Lawrence Lessig | Submitted by: Soylent
"No modern phenomenon better demonstrates the importance of free resources to innovation and creativity than the Internet. To those who argue that control is necessary if innovation is to occur, and that more control will yield more innovation, the Internet is the simplest and most direct reply. For the defining feature of the Internet is that it leaves resources free. The Internet has provided for much of the world the greatest demonstration of the power of freedom—and its lesson is one we must learn if its benefits are to be preserved."

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Gay penguins who really love each other | Submitted by: Soylent
"Wendell and Cass would be more comfortable in a Greenwich Village one bedroom apartment than their current home at the New York Aquarium. The male penguins, each about 14 years old, can't get enough of each other. The couple has been together for the past eight years, and the two have sex with each other whenever they can, which is often."

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Condit stll in the running
Observer | Submitted by: Dbag
"'Come on everybody, how about giving me a round of applause,' he began, to a chorus of scraping cutlery and contemptuous stares. The speech that follows was a brief explanation of why everyone in the room should vote for him in the forthcoming primary. It is received with as much enthusiasm as would an announcement that rat droppings have been added to the coffee to give it a little extra flavour."

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Pearl snuff video too gruesome
Reuteres | Submitted by: Soylent
"Pakistan said on Saturday a videotape of the killing of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was too gruesome for public release... The official told Reuters the videotape, sent by the radical Islamic gang suspected of kidnapping Pearl to a newspaper worker who handed it to authorities, showed the reporter's severed head in its last frame."

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Buddha's finger arrives in Taiwan
CNN | Submitted by: Soylent
"Clasping their hands in a sign of worship, hundreds of monks helped transport the finger, said to be 2,500 years old, from Famen Temple in Xian in central China to Taiwan. The finger was carried in a miniature gold pagoda that Chinese temple guards brought out of a plane at Taipei international airport."

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Racially pure video games
Guardian | Submitted by: Soylent
"One of the games, Ethnic Cleansing, is advertised as the 'most politically incorrect video game ever made.' Players kill black and Hispanic characters before descending into a subway station 'where the Jews have hidden'. Black characters make monkey and ape noises when shot. The advertisement continues: 'Then if your (sic) lucky you can blow away Jews as they scream 'Oy Vey!' on your way to their command centre."

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