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February 19, 2002

Baby skull used as ashtray
New Zealand Herald | Submitted by: Ginna
"A Wellington District Court judge listened in disbelief yesterday as he heard how a long-dead baby's skull, stolen from a cemetery, was used as an ashtray and part of its jaw was worn as a necklace. The rest of the remains and the coffin were thrown into the sea."

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Marv Albert Ain't Got Nothin' On This Guy
New York Post | Submitted by: Mr. Ramon
"A crazed Queens man bit and tore at his girlfriend's face in a bloody attack straight out of a horror movie, cops said yesterday... After crashing through the bedroom door, they were shocked by the sickening sight that greeted them. The attacker was on top of the woman, biting and tearing her face with his teeth as cops pulled him off."

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Man steals $21K of ponytails
Associated Press | Submitted by: Rio
An Illinois man has been charged with impersonating a charity in order to steal 93 ponytails, valued at $21,300. Melvin G. Hanks apparently blew his cover by being rude to salon employees, rude enough for those employees to complain to the organization Melvin was pretending to be from. Among the unanswered questions we have are, Why did Melvin need so many ponytails? And why are they valued at $231.52 each? That seems high.

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Flesh eating killer sheep
Sun | Submitted by: Soylent
"Flesh-eating killer sheep have been found living on a remote moor. Until now sheep were thought to eat only grass. But bird expert Dr Niall Burton watched in horror as one bloodthirsty woolly fiend pounced on a baby grouse and munched it. Eerily, the attack came three miles from the spot where a flock of sheep pushed a woman to her death off a cliff."

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Cisco and Yahoo complicit in Chinese censorship
Daily Standard | Submitted by: Soylent
Red China has architected the largest censorship apparatus the world has ever seen, made possible by the American corporations Cisco and Yahoo. Most egregiously, many thousands of routers sold for tens of thousands of dollars apiece that were designed by Cisco specifically for the Chinese market, with Internet censorship in mind, great for the bottom line but not so for the people of China. Said one Cisco official: "We don't care about the [Chinese government's] rules. It's none of Cisco's business."

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Jerusalem Post | Submitted by: McWhat?
The Israeli franchise owner of McDonald's rejected the rabbinate's suggestion to call some branches "McKosher," and came up with three alternatives of his own. The franchise owners suggested calling the kosher branches "McExpress" or "The Kosher McDonald's," or changing the color of the Mc-logo in the kosher branches from red to blue. But you still can't get a cheeseburger at any of them...regardless of what they are called.

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