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February 05, 2002

Teens who hanged dog evaporate
Edmonton Sun | Submitted by: FalseProphet
"A 10-year-old boy confessed to police last night that he lied about three teens hanging his dog in front of him at a St. Albert playground on the weekend. David Barney told police he tied his dog to the top of a slide, then told his dog to stay while he went down. Sheba, the family dog, didn't listen and tried to jump onto the slide - hanging herself in the process."

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Man scalps woman
BBC | Submitted by: Lumpy
"A man with a sexual fetish for hair has admitted scalping a woman in his bedsit [studio apartment]. At the High Court in Perth, Leonard Bowie, 62, pleaded guilty to assaulting Mary Mullady to her severe injury and permanent disfigurement. The 51-year-old lost her long hair and most of the flesh on top of her head in the attack in a terraced house in Devonshire Road, in the west end of Aberdeen. The court heard that Bowie had been jailed in Glasgow in 1983 for scalping another woman in Bishopbriggs the previous year."

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Questionable penis surgery
AAP | Submitted by: Raimundo Nonato
"A Melbourne doctor allegedly performed surgery on his 37-year-old patient's penis without consent, telling him circumcision would bring him success with women, a hearing was told today... Dr Towie allegedly interrupted the consultation to attend another patient, leaving the man with his "pants down and sexually aroused" before giving him some cream and telling him to masturbate."

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Stoning's big comeback
UPI | Submitted by: Ellis D Trippman
"In radical Muslim countries, stoning has experienced a major comeback in recent years. "Since the inception of the mullahs' rule, hundreds of women of various ages have been and continued to be stoned to death throughout Iran," the National Council of Resistance of Iran claimed. One recent such execution was described in vivid detail by local newspapers: Maryam Ayoubi, a 38-year-old mother of three, was convicted of adultery and being her lover's accomplice in her husband's death. The execution occurred on July 11, 2001. According to Iranian press reports, she was first flogged 50 times, then given a ritual bath, wrapped in a white shroud and carried to the execution site on a stretcher. There she was buried up to her armpits and subsequently bombarded with rocks."

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Hopped up on methane at Delphi
Washington Post | Submitted by: Nox
"Evidence is growing that the priestesses [of the Oracle at Delphi], known as pythia, were ripped on hydrocarbon gases, especially ethylene, a sometime anesthetic which, taken in modest doses, can induce lively conversation of a somewhat incoherent nature... Low doses induce isembodied euphoria, with periods of excitation and amnesia, but at higher doses, you get delirium, hysteria and a combative, agitated state."

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