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January 18, 2002

Hot vampire death sex
This is London | Submitted by: Zednaught
Hot young Vampire couple whack possible Haagen Daz heir to bits and Drink his creamy blood. Germans outraged over reminders of Nosferatu and the many terrible Hammer films made in England. "The world's third richest economy is also home to an estimated 6,000 hardcore devil worshippers." This is the best story, ever.

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Underage girls gone wild!
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | Submitted by: Jen
Four underage boys have sex with a nubile 14 year old girl, and plan to charge their friends to view the video. That might be interesting enough, but they do it in a public restroom and carelessly leave their used condoms strewn about the floor. And she signed a contract! Observant readers will note that a contract signed by a minor is not legally binding. The second article is about two preteen girls who post their pictures on the net for some inexplicable reason.

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Giving a whole new meaning to Direct Deposit | Submitted by: Tuff
Employees of Ivory Coast's power company, CIE, get condoms with their paychecks. One of the major problems with African companies is keeping their employees alive; the good looking ones keep dying of AIDS and it takes too long to train new ones. This begs the question, do rubbers in your paycheck bounce?

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A cop in every computer | Submitted by: Soylent
An excellent article by Mike Godwin about how the Hollywood content industry wants to control what you do with your technology. "And if the industry has its way, we all may feel the consequences. Digital videos you shot in 1999 may be unplayable on your computer in 2009. You may no longer be able to move music or video files around easily from one computer to another (from, say, a home desktop to a laptop or to a personal digital assistant)." Disney and their ilk are evil. End of story.

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The effects of cocaine on quails
Kentucky Kernel | Submitted by: anonymous
A psychology professor at the University of Kentucky received a $480,000 grant to study the effects of cocaine on quail, for we all know about the societal problems that result once these birds become addicted. Professor Akins expects to find that yes, cocaine is indeed addictive, and yes, being around other cocaine-addicted birds and paraphernalia will trigger cravings for the drug. Yay science.

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How to subvert airport security
San Francisco Chronicle | Submitted by: Deth Vegetable
Airlines in some aiports are using 802.11b wireless technology to send critical security information about airline passengers to the terminal gates. If you are at all familiar with 802.11b, this should scare the living shit out of you. It's highly likely that a clever terrorist with a laptop could tap into these, as one reporter discovered when he tested against American Airlines. He found their network completely unencrypted and vulnerable.

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