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December 29, 2001

The Camouflage Mahal
Reuters | Submitted by: Lish
"We had covered the Taj Mahal with green cloth in 1971 when war broke out with Pakistan. We must keep ourselves in readiness for such an eventuality. Having prepared the blue-print, we are now in the process of carrying out the desired drill." óChief Archaeologist K.K. Mohammad, on war footing.

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Free Burial to any DUI
Globe and Mail | Submitted by: Vanillin Dip
Funeral homes in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina have a New Years solution for the elderly whose pensions are insufficient and who have lost their will to live — free funerals for those who die drinking and driving. Ultimately, the free funeral offer is intended to dissuade New Year's revelers who drink their way to merriment from leaving the party as if it were Jay Gatsby's.

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The Sexchart
Wired | Submitted by: Crank
It's a wonder that the Sex Chart hasn't been sued out of existence. A rather embarrassing blister on cyberspace, it documents liaisons between people in a vaguely defined "Internet Scene", which rather unfortunately includes some of the Rotten Staff. "It's a great way to check who has diseases— you can kind of choose somebody based on who they've been with."

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Pornography of Terror
Boston Phoenix | Submitted by: Grace Petro
"The project to which he refers is I Like to Watch, a four-minute music video that intersperses news footage of the World Trade Center disaster with explicit pornographic images (mainly "money shots") and clips from sporting events. The film, says the Reverend, 'is a vicious satire. It expresses a real outrage that I have personally. It reflects my contempt for and frustration with the profound ugliness of the modern industrial world."

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