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December 28, 2001

Egypt demands McDonald's mummies
The Scotsman | Submitted by: Soylent
In the 19th century thousands of mummies were exported from Egypt during an "Egyptian Revival" fad. Two of them ended up in an amateur museum at Bolehall Manor in England, and when that museum closed they were buried in the foundations of a building that was later turned into a McDonald's franchise. Egypt now wants them back, but does the franchise regard them as a potential source of their "mystery meat"?

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Hair fetisher on the loose
NBC4 TV | Submitted by: Linda Goodwin
"Police say four Hispanic females, ages 12 to 45, have been attacked since December 18th. All were sitting near or walking along major streets when they were grabbed from behind by a man who cut their hair with a large knife or scissors."

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Gravediggers behaving badly, part II
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | Submitted by: Jen
"A regional manager for Service Corporation International killed himself west of Boca Raton Wednesday night, police said a week after the company was accused of desecrating graves, misleading consumers and mishandling burials at two South Florida Jewish cemeteries it owns."

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Shoe bomber used web to procure explosive?
This Is London | Submitted by: Soylent
This article certainly starts out juicy: "Disturbing details emerged today of how "shoe bomber" Richard Reid used the internet to buy a lethal explosive known by Middle East terrorists as Mother of Satan." Unfortunately, no where does it really tell us what the "disturbing details" are, and furthermore seems to contradict itself by stating that the explosives were purchased during a physical, non-virtual trip to Amsterdam. It's almost as if the two reporters made up the opening sentence.

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Man taped his relatives in the nude
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | Submitted by: Soylent
"A Milwaukee man accused of secretly filming visiting relatives in the nude while they showered and stayed in a guest bedroom of his home has become the first person charged under the state's new video voyeurism law."

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Samurai sword attack in Sturgeon Bay
Green Bay Press-Gazette | Submitted by: Ryano
"A Christmas Eve argument over the politics of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks ended with a Sturgeon Bay man fatally skewering his friend with a 38-inch samurai sword, Door County District Attorney Tim Funnell said."

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The ass-crack as fashion statement
Detroit Free Press | Submitted by: Soylent
This just confirms what everyone has known all along: showing a bit of ass crack can be sexy, at least when it comes to nubile young women. Plumbers and other repair personnel should remain suspendered: "With all the training I've had, and all the experience, I never thought I'd have to do booty checks," said Don Krueger, principal at Milwaukee's South Division High School.

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