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December 20, 2001

New Zealand accidentally outlaws alcohol
One News | Submitted by: dangle
What happens when you rush through legislation too quickly [Think of the Patriot Act]...? You pass dumb laws! New Zealand has managed to accidentally outlaw even the transportation of alcohol, including trucks carrying booze to liquor stores. And silly rules of order in their Parliament require unanimous consent to repeal the stupidity.

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Koreans defend dogmeat practice
Football 365 | Submitted by: anonymous
Who among us can deny that dogmeat is one of the tastiest delights that Mother Earth has to offer? Certainly not the South Koreans, among whom roam 3 million aficionados of the canine culinary arts. The World Cup, co-hosted by South Korea, considers this bad publicity and has pressured the Koreans to end this delicious practice.

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Hollywood hates your computer
Cryptome | Submitted by: Soylent
"Perhaps the most likely scenario is this: at some near-future date — perhaps as early as 2010 — individuals may no longer be able to do the kinds of things they routinely do with their digital tools in 2001. They may no longer be able, for example, to move music or video files around easily from one of their computers to another (even if the other is just a few feet away in the same house), or to personal digital assistants. Their music collections, reduced to MP3s, may be moveable to a limited extent unless their digital hardware doesn't allow it. The digital videos they shot in 1999 may be unplayable on their desktop and laptop computers — or even on other devices — in 2009."

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Gravediggers behaving badly
South Florida Sun-Sentinel | Submitted by: Jen
"Cemetery workers allegedly unearthed and moved bodies buried in the Menorah Gardens Jewish cemetery in Palm Beach County tossing some into the woods, burying others on top of each other or end-to-end instead of side-by-side... workers allegedly buried some remains in the wrong places, sometimes encroaching on neighboring plots. In order to use those plots later on, workers could make room only by destroying vaults buried there in the earlier funerals."

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Government falsification? Say it ain't so
Washington Times | Submitted by: Soylent
The federal government wants to wall off two national forests in the state of Washington to the public, so what does it do, it plants false evidence of an endangered species, the Canadian lynx. [Aren't they supposed to be in Canada, anyway?] "DNA testing of two of the samples matched that of a lynx living inside an animal preserve. The third DNA sample matched that of an escaped pet lynx being held in a federal office until its owner retrieved it, federal officials said."

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Scientists create supernova
Vancouver Sun | Submitted by: Soylent
The expression "creating a supernova" may be hyperbole supplied by the Canadian press, but this is indeed a major step forward for alchemy: Scientists in British Columbia have transmogrified Sodium-22 into Magnesium-22! How exactly this brings us closer to converting lead into gold is anyone's guess, but it helps us understand the big bang, blah blah blah, something mumble purpose of humanity mumble mumble.

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The wit and wisdom of Muhammad Ali
Washington Post | Submitted by: Soylent
You can decide who tells funnier jokes, Muhammad Ali (first link) or the Internet (second link). We'll have to side with the champ here.

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