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December 17, 2001

FBI wants access to pilfered virus data
ROTTEN.COM exclusive | Submitted by: Soylent
The FBI is asking for access to a massive database that contains the private communications and passwords of the victims of the Badtrans Internet worm. Badtrans spreads through security flaws in Microsoft mail software and transmits everything the victim types. Since November 24, the worm has violated the privacy of millions of Internet users, and now the FBI wants to take part in the spying.

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Going the extra mile
Akron Beacon Journal | Submitted by: Jim Adkins
"When the robber wasn't satisfied with the $20 bill in the man's wallet and demanded more money, the victim agreed to drive him to his affluent parents' home in Twinsburg Township. Once there, the robber made off with several times the meager amount in his target's wallet."

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Alberta governor on drunken rampage
The Edmonton Journal | Submitted by: Dobar Yebach
The premier of Alberta (equivalent to a state governor) caused a ruckus with a surprise midnight visit to a downtown homeless shelter. The rather intoxicated premier yelled and cursed at the homeless telling them to get jobs and threw some money at them before leaving. [Did he think he was at a strip bar?]

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Reading hard disks in the WTC rubble
Reuters | Submitted by: Soylent
Computer forensics experts are trying to track the $100M of suspicious money transfers right before the 9-11 attacks occurred: "Using a pioneering laser scanning technology to find data on damaged computer hard drives and main frames found in the rubble of the World Trade Center and other nearby collapsed buildings, Convar has recovered information from 32 computers that support assumptions of dirty doomsday dealings."

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67 dead cats found in refrigerator
South Florida Sun Sentinel | Submitted by: Tank Girl
"They also discovered litter boxes overflowing with feces and 31 dead kittens and 36 dead cats in a refrigerator and freezer. Some were wrapped in bags. "It was foul, believe me," said Cooper City Police Capt. Marvin E. Stoner Jr."

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Dead plastic surgeons tell no tails
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
Mexican drug traffickers have developed a nasty habit of killing their plastic surgeons after major overhauls. In particular, seven of them have been whacked for this reason, plus a eighth where the felon in question objected to the quality of his liposuction.

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