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December 16, 2001

Don't buy stamps without flags
The Progressive | Submitted by: Humanoid
In today's hyperpatriotic climate, don't make the mistake of trying to buy postage stamps that don't have flags on them. It just might make you the subject of an investigation, which is what happened when Daniel Muller and Andrew Mandell asked for such stamps in early November. "No one said anything to us for about twenty minutes, and then two cops came in and asked for our IDs. They asked if we had any outstanding warrants. They ran a check on us. They asked us why we had asked for stamps without American flags on them."

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Target London
Observer | Submitted by: Soylent
"It appears to be a record of meetings between al-Qaeda's master bomb-maker and an English-speaking activist in which he is guided through each step in building a bomb. In places the author has revisited his notes, adding information in a small, neat hand, often underlined, suggesting he has tried some of the procedures in the camp, had problems and been talked through his mistakes."

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McDonald's Bombed in Xian
Reuters | Submitted by: Crazy Quagga
The McDonald's in Xi'an China was devastated by a suicide bomber, injuring 30 others. The explosion comes on the heels of a series of strange detonations throughout that area of China, which do not seem to be the work of concerted terrorists but rather a trendy and perverse way to exact revenge. The second link is a close-up of "forlorn Ronald McDonald sitting in debris-strewn eatery after the explosion."

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Porcupine feces attack on postal facility
Grand Rapids Press | Submitted by: Mlaah
"The next day, Beal said he took two buckets of [porcupine] fecal matter-- which he had gathered in the woods -- to the post office and threw one at several employees. He then left, returned about 30 seconds later and splattered more muck from a second bucket on mail and another employee."

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