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December 08, 2001

More on that Ashcroft thing
Yahoo | Submitted by: Soylent
Lots of people sent email bitching at us for our criticism of U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft, who stated that supporting constitutional rights was implicit support for terrorism. Ashcroft has repeatedly said that lack of government power is in large part responsible for the terrorist attacks on American soil, and he has pushed through as many sweeping new powers as he possibly can (the misnamed "Patriot Act"). When in fact it is the government being asleep at the wheel and the misdirection of its energies to idiotic crusades such as the drug war, instead of paying attention to things that really matter, foreign and military policy. Richard Reeves here has a thoughtful OpEd on the subject.

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Inept Burglary Award
Detroit Free Press | Submitted by: Soylent
A man stole $6000 from his employer, and then locked himself in his truck, pretending that he'd been trapped for six days. Unfortunately, he was spotted by a witness, and in reality the man's car had been in the parking lot for only six minutes. Also unexplained is the lack of six days worth of urine and feces from the trunk.

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Lost city found off Cuban coast. NOT
BBC | Submitted by: sweet P
"A team of explorers working off the western coast of Cuba say they have discovered what they think are the ruins of a submerged city built thousands of years ago." [Editor's note: A number of people have been submitting this story. Regardless of what reliable source you found the story, it's bogus. The granite blocks are a rock formation, entirely cleaved by natural forces. Please note the lack of actual facts in the story. It's sad to see agencies such as BBC and Reuters fooled by this bullshit.]

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Germany wants to put time limits on porn
Financial Times Deutschland | Submitted by: Soylent
Germany thinks it can control the Internet, so now it's considering requiring that porn sites restrict their hours to 11pm to 6am. Exactly how they will coerce sites operating outside Germany is not explained, hence the term "imbecility" that some have used to describe this proposal. Of course this is the same German body, a branch of the Family Ministry, that concerns "Youth Endangering Writings", that wants to ban [Article in German, sorry]

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X Ray of retractor left in patient
Reuters | Submitted by: Soylent
After surgery at the University of Washington, a 13 inch retractor was left in the body of Donald Church. Now, you can violate his privacy by looking at this X-Ray, which clearly show his naughty bits. Of course, he received a $97,000 settlement for this indignity, so don't feel too guilty. But who do you sue for having a small penis?

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