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November 30, 2001

Strip clubs may be hazardous to your health
Sky News | Submitted by: Kevin Dobson
A man is suing a Canadian strip club because he was kicked in the face by their "talent" and suffered a broken nose during an allegedly reckless performance. Greg Bonnett, who apparently is the kind of man who frequents such establishments, states in his lawsuit that there should be a printed warning, perhaps something on the order of "Keep your nose away from my coochie, eh?"

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Chainsaw fraud leaves moron dead
BBC | Submitted by: David V. Avila
"When Andreas Plack, a 23-year-old ex-bouncer from the northern Italian town of Merano, was found lying in a pool of blood near a country lay-by, police initially thought him the victim of a sadistic attack." But instead, it is discovered that he's removed himself from the gene pool by way of attempted insurance fraud.

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Girl throws pomeranian BBQ
Ottowa Citizen | Submitted by: Dobar Yebach
For reasons that have not been made public, a Canadian girl beat her family's dog "Peppy" and then served it up all barbeque-like. Animal control people feel current penalties, six months in jail plus a fine, are insufficient for this case. But we have a lack of details to pass such judgement, or make this story more interesting.

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Terrorist moles in containers vex authorities
World Net Daily | Submitted by: Serch
"Opening the container, they were astounded to find a 43-year old Egyptian stowaway, identified as Rigk Amid Farid, boxed in amid the comforts of a luxury hotel suite outfitted for a three-week journey to Canada: bed, toilet, portable heater and water supply. His luggage contained a cell phone, satellite phone, computer and cameras, and he was equipped with a Canadian passport and airport maps, airside security passes and an airline mechanic certificate, all valid for New York's JFK, Newark, L.A. International and O'Hare airports."

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Mein Kampf royalties
Globe and Mail | Submitted by: Soylent
Now that Hitler is surely dead, where do the royalties from his book Mein Kampf go? The answer, in Canada and the U.S. at least, is three charities. Houghton Mifflin purchased the North American rights back in 1933, and still retains them. Bavaria owns the global rights for the book, which has never gone out of print.

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Time magazine has NO BALLS
Rotten | Submitted by: Soylent
On page six of the printed TIME magazine appears this article, crediting Daily Rotten for breaking the story of the Taliban nuclear secrets being a parody published in 1979. But then they have to give a URL because it's in a section of their magazine that points to Internet resources, they give a Wired URL, in fact a URL that has nothing to do with the story... Why? Because they have no balls, they are scared to send their readers to Rotten. The New York Times has balls. The Wall Street Journal has balls. The London Telegraph has balls. Where did TIME leave their balls?

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