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November 28, 2001

The Pee Wee Herman smut cache seized
ET | Submitted by: Ryano
For god's sake why won't anyone leave Pee Wee Herman alone? Ten years ago the actor, Paul Reubens, was caught wanking his doodle in an X Rated cinema. Completely acceptable behavior, mind you, as that is what one does at an X Rated cinema. Now, some of the actor's belongings have been seized as part of some vague investigation, including his... erotic art collection. Mmmm!

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Bird man toppled by rodent
Australia Broadcasting | Submitted by: Dangerous
A bird aficionado who fashioned a bird feeding contraption to his head suffered whiplash when he was attacked and toppled by a hungry squirrel. Let this be a lesson to all those who... attach contraptions to their heads in the pursuit of avian companionship.

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Night Snipers of the Special Forces
London Telegraph | Submitted by: Soylent
Members of the U.S. Special Forces have been "picking off" Taliban during the dead of night, given free reign by their commanders. Their weapon of choice? The totally badass Barrett .50 sniper rifle. Of course, we provided 25 of these to what became the Taliban about ten years ago. Oopsie. Bush administration official: "They have killed in the hundreds. There have been no deaths on our side. They're not leaving a footprint. When these guys do sleep, they sleep on the ground. They don't have a fixed base camp."

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Feds visit anti-American art exhibit
World Socialist Web Site | Submitted by: Gweeds
"The visit [by the federal agents] has galvanized a lot of people who were keeping quiet before. We’ve had repeat traffic, people are more confirmed in the suspicion that what the government is doing is not above board. I think people feel that if they are extending the term 'terrorism' to small folk-art concerns, they must be extending it in every direction."

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Gun ban book based on fraudulent research
National Review | Submitted by: Soylent
The movement to ban firearms in the USA received a boost from the bestselling book "Arming America". But it turns out that the conclusions in the book are based on biased and fraudulent research. Example: "Some of the most significant statements in Arming America are 'based' on data that do not exist. That is, documents Bellesiles told me he reviewed at the San Francisco Superior Court were actually destroyed by fire in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake."

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