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November 27, 2001

Serial killer now serial knitter
Denver Post | Submitted by: BRoux
"Cross-country killer Keith Courville - his biceps covered with tattoos, including a depiction of the grim reaper - sits in his cell surrounded by dozens of multicolored skeins of yarn, crocheting a beanie cap. 'I'm addicted to yarn. I just ordered $60 in yarn for myself,' Courville said." [If that doesn't get him a good buttraping, I don't know what will.]

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Exorcism ends in murder
New Zealand Herald | Submitted by: ms.dna
An Auckland minister is currently on trial for the death of one of his followers thanks to his special technique for driving demons from the body. "Despite the fact that she was clearly decaying, Lee spent many hours over her body praying for her resurrection, convincing his followers that she would be resurrected even though maggots had started to appear in her body."

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Thought Police pay a visit
Independent Online | Submitted by: Soylent
"On Friday, Oct. 26, two Secret Service agents, along with Durham police investigator Rex Godley, came to Brown's apartment. Special Agent Paul Lalley, who did most of the talking, spoke first. "Ma'am, we've gotten a report that you have anti-American material, or something like that, in your apartment," he said, according to Brown. Then the female agent asked if they could come inside."

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Who is naughty and who is nice
London Telegraph | Submitted by: Soylent
Police in the UK intend to register children who are as young as three years of age as potential criminals, when they "behave badly". Offenses that can get you in the database include "cheekiness" and "causing a nuisance". No, we aren't making this up. But we will observe that it would be relatively easy to establish a satellite link connecting the database to the North Pole...

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Coke adds lube
St. Louis Post-Dispatch | Submitted by: Soylent
Dentist swallows yellow "goo", dentist sues the Coca Cola Corporation. "The yellow sludge Smith said he swallowed turned out to be lubricant used on the bottling machinery at the Central States Coca-Cola Bottling Co. on Mueller Road in St. Charles."

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Copyright law has grown evil
Wired | Submitted by: Soylent
For most of the 20th century, copyright was held for 28 years, and then renewed for another 28 years if the author was still interested in the work. But now, content cartels such as Disney and Turner have vast holdings of copyrights, and spend large amounts of money influencing a law that was intended to help the artist. And so that law only serves to line the pockets of those few megacorporations. And if they commercial revenue from a particular work declines (and this happens more often than not), they stop publishing it. We're losing control of our own culture.

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U.S. changes warfare of the 21st century
International Herald Tribune | Submitted by: Crazy Quagga
"We are witnessing something else besides - the end of maneuver warfare. From the vast tank battles of World War II to the "left hook" delivered to Iraq in Desert Storm, maneuver warfare defined the 20th century way of war. Today the United States is on the verge of a dramatic leap in military capability that will make waging conventional war against it an act of suicide."

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