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November 26, 2001

Dong Dong still can't count
Associated Press | Submitted by: BRoux
"Li later demanded that Dongdong count to 100, the newspaper said. The boy refused several times, saying he was sleepy and insisting he had learned in school to count only to 20. Li grew angry and denounced his son as stupid." Then he beat him to death.

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Testicle eater may go free
New York Post | Submitted by: Mr. Ramon
A former eighth-grade school teacher who lured a boy into his home for a "snack" has been granted a second chance at freedom. "The court was told Fentress lured 18 year old [Paul] Masters into his basement, tied him to a pole and sexually molested him. He then castrated him, cooked and ate the teen's genitals and shot him twice in the head." The family of the boy is barred from the hearing.

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Mike Oldfield transvestite video flap
The Mirror | Submitted by: Soylent
Mike Oldfield is best known for his 1973 Tubular Bells instrumental album, which was ahead of its time and sold over 12 million copies. Enter the dirty laundry part of our story: "Mike Oldfield's vengeful former lover [Fanny Vandekerckhove] is trying to sell sex videos of him dressed as a woman after walking out." Oldfield claims to be not ashamed of his own behavior, but does consider his ex-lover's actions an incredible betrayal.

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Mining on the Moon
Reuters | Submitted by: Soylent
A number of companies (as well as China) are vying to reach the moon for purposes of mining its minerals. "ASI is helping sponsor a project to build a commercial manned moon base and plans its first lunar flight in the next 10 years. According to Strock, technology is not the problem -- rather, just how to raise the massive amounts of cash required."

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Israel setting boobytraps in neighborhoods
Jerusalem Post | Submitted by: Soylent
Israel is now admitting setting boobytraps in Palestinian neighborhoods, apparently not thinking that people other than gunmen might be living in them. Which is exactly what happened last Thursday, five young children on their way to school were killed by an Israeli Defense Forces laid bomb that was out in the open. This is supposed to be civilized behavior?

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