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November 24, 2001

Cadavers were switched
NSW Daily Telegraph | Submitted by: Suzanne
"Buried in Mr Davidson's place on November 7 was 100-year-old Daisy Jones, who was buried with some of Mr Davidson's effects, including a pair of jogging shoes. Also in the coffin were bricks, which Health Department officials believe were included to correct the weight difference between the two bodies."

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Only in Texas
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
It's now required to be paranoid at airports and everyone now knows this, which makes this incident even more unbelievable. Then you realize it happened in the shitkickingest state, and nod knowingly. "A deer hunter's rifle accidentally went off at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport on Friday as the owner tried to show a ticket agent that the weapon was not loaded. No one was hurt."

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New euro coin causes skin disease
Reuters | Submitted by: Soylent
A potential currency fiasco brewing in Europe, coming at the start of this coming year. About ten percent of people suffer nickel allergies of some sort. "Just five minutes of contact with one-euro (88 cents) and two-euro coins containing nickel alloy could trigger symptoms, including skin inflammation or itching, the study by a Swedish dermatologist and British laboratory scientist said."

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Unauthorized Anthrax
World Net Daily | Submitted by: Soylent
"A researcher at New Mexico's Los Alamos National Laboratory received an unauthorized shipment of anthrax last month from a Northern Arizona University facility in Flagstaff, according to a government watchdog group that has recently accused the government of providing poor security at the nation's nuclear labs."

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Who's telling the truth?
Jang Group | Submitted by: Soylent
The news we see from Islamic sources and that of the Western media are very different. This would be the headline in the United States if it were true, but... is it true, this story based on unnamed sources? Probably not. "At least 35 personnel of the US Special Forces were killed and many injured in an attack by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, sources told The News on Friday."

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