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November 21, 2001

Korean spurns penis amputation proposal
Korea Herald | Submitted by: Soylent
Would you accept $750,000 to cut off your ding-ding and have the process documented? Korean comedian Hwang Seung-hwan, whose act is a buffoonish transvestite, has been offered one billion won to make the act that much more realistic. Apparently, the answer is no, Hwang likes his penis too much. Wimp.

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FBI developing virus to fight encryption
MSNBC | Submitted by: rbw
It can be difficult, and often impossible, to decrypt data that has been deliberately encoded on a PC. Furthermore there is absolutely no way to stop the use of encryption products, since the "genie is already out of the bottle." So one tact the FBI is using against encryption is the development of viruses that will fool users into tapping their own keystrokes, and sending the passwords to law enforcement. Alternatively, the software can be installed on a target PC by black-bag job-- breaking and entering.

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Coat hanger caught in throat
Reuters | Submitted by: anonymous
"A Kansas man who got a coat hanger stuck in his throat while trying to dislodge a balloon of cocaine he had swallowed faced possible criminal charges after doctors trying to remove the hanger discovered the drugs, police said Tuesday."

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Depleted Uranium can be nasty
Iraqi News Agency | Submitted by: mauri
Nearly a million depleted uranium (DU) rounds were expended by Allied forces during the Gulf War, and additional rounds were fired in Bosnia and Serbia more recently. Since its specific gravity is nearly twice that of lead, it is indeed ideal for projectiles against armor or fortified concrete installations. But also, expending such rounds will cause Leukemia or other serious illness in both those firing (130,000 Gulf War veterans have maladies that are otherwise difficult to explain) and as collateral damage in the target vicinity. Here, we link to Iraqi propaganda-- take it on face value, as Iraqi propaganda, realizing that it may not actually be what it claims to be. [contains graphic image]

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Hazing in India
Yahoo India News | Submitted by: Soylent
In India, hazing is called "ragging" and is even more prevalent than in the United States. And the Prohibition of Ragging Act and the actions of various university Anti Ragging Committees have done little to stop even the extreme: "Seniors at the Gandhi Medical College allegedly forced women-freshers to undress at Necklace Road and blow kisses to them and asked boys to indulge in oral sex." Freshers!

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They blew up kitty
Sacramento Bee | Submitted by: Soylent
Two teens were arrested for attempting to destroy a kitten: "Doctors also found M-80 fireworks still strapped with electrical tape to the left side of the cat's neck. The M-80 that detonated left deep, penetrating wounds." The second story is an allegation by childhood friends of George W Bush that he blew up frogs with firecrackers.

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