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November 09, 2001

Woman skins husband, feeds parts to kids
Sydney Morning Herald | Submitted by: Moonshadow
Apparently upset because her husband was not properly sharing his assets, Katherine Knight stabbed, decapitated, and skinned her husband. She then cooked the juciest, most select parts and served them to her children. For this Knight has now received life imprisonment without Worcestershire sauce. "Knight, who had worked as a meat slicer in abattoirs, skinned Price with such expertise and a steady hand that his skin, including that of his head, face, nose, ears, neck, torso, genital organs, and legs, was removed to form one pelt."

Read article... and This article...

String of penises alarms patrons
Rocky Mountain News | Submitted by: Kate
The work "Hung Out to Dry" which is part of the "Art Over Domestic Violence" exhibition at Boulder Public Library is alarming patrons of the facility, particularly those who possess penises themselves. "The whole point of the exhibit is to make people think about domestic violence", claims the Director of Cultural Programs at BPL. [Funny though, it makes me think about dick.]

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Single gold bar sells for $8M
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
A single gold bar, sunk on the SS Central America during the California gold rush in 1857, was sold at auction for $8 million. The bar was recovered fifteen years ago, weighed eighty pounds, and was sold to an unnamed "Forbes 400 executive".

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Attorney-client privilege goes down the toilet
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
Among the continuing list of the rights being stripped from Americans because of terrorism, is attorney-client privilege. A new rule in the Federal Register published Halloween gives the government the power to tap conversations between a prisoner and his attorney, on the suspicion of terrorist activity. One after another, rights previously sacrosanct are being lost. The terrorists have already won.

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Anti-Violence activist punches referee
WKMG | Submitted by: Scarecrow
Oh the irony dept. "Harvey, a mentor in Sarasota County schools and president of a local chapter of MAD DADS, a group that steers young people away from crime, was arrested on a battery charge."

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What makes the Simpsons tick
New York Times | Submitted by: Ryano
"Make sure you put in that I think Sam Simon is brilliantly funny and one of the smartest writers I've ever worked with, although unpleasant and mentally unbalanced." -- "If there's a message that runs through the show, it's that maybe the authorities don't have your best interests at heart." [free subscription required, buh]

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World's Longest Tongue
BBC for Kids | Submitted by: phat max
"German schoolgirl Annika Irmler has licked her way into the Guinness Book of Records with her whopping seven centimetre tongue." With pictures. Less creepy looking than Gene Simmons.

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