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November 08, 2001

TV as birth control in India
Times of India | Submitted by: Crazy Quagga
India's population is growing so rapidly that the heads of state want to distract the citizenry from their kama sutra with television. Most men are apparently unwilling to contend with any birth control form at all, and thus, "Entertainment is an important component of the population policy."

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Killer celebrity with a plan
Ad Age | Submitted by: alex 4.0
Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read has filed for divorce and returned to Melbourne, his wife and new home in Tasmania apparently not to his suiting. While in prison, Mark had his ears chopped off, got married, and wrote a bunch of books. Among the many fun facts we learn here is this gem of a quote: "I haven't shot anybody since 1992, and even then I didn't do it."

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al-Qaida Endgame
Cryptome | Submitted by: Soylent
Interesting assessment of al-Qaida. "The U.S. military is still making a number of key assumptionsóthe U.S. feels it has the initiative, and that events are unfolding by its plan. It seems clear from looking at the history, planning, and preparation by Al-Qaida that such assumptions are likely inaccurate. Rather than discussing things the U.S. should do, itís more clear what it should not do..."

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Korean murder over hair envy
Reuters | Submitted by: Bob_McBob
"An ex-convict has been indicted in China for the gruesome murder of a woman who was beheaded, scalped and the skin from her face cooked in a pot, a police official said Wednesday."

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Spyplane photographs Mullah's license plate
The Sun | Submitted by: Soylent
Leaflets dropped by the United States over Afghanistan show photographs of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omarís vehicle license plate, as a scare tactic. Does this mean we have the technology to mail him a speeding ticket, or at least airdrop him one, if necessary?

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Wrong man jailed for 30 years
Globe and Mail | Submitted by: Soylent
Romeo Phillion has been in a Canadian jail for 30 years for a crime that police had proof he did not commit-- even a perfect alibi won't help you if the men in uniform don't care much for you. "Mr. Phillion has attempted suicide numerous times over the years, once going so far as to swallow razor blades and a line studded with fish-hooks, which he then yanked up his throat."

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French not permitted to enforce silly law in U.S.
Reuters | Submitted by: Soylent
For several years France has attempted to enforce a ridiculous law prohibiting the sale of historic Nazi memorabilia in the United States, simply because a French person might see or purchase something. Now a United States District Court has ruled that France shall not be permitted to enforce their anti-speech laws which would be unconstitutional in the States anyway. Any other ruling could for instance cause American citizens to be subject to Islamic law, so it's difficult to see how this could be ruled any other way, and equally difficult to see why France thinks it is so special.

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