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November 01, 2001

CNN is Ted Turner Doomsday Cult?
New York Daily News | Submitted by: Soylent
"Turner used CNN production facilities to create what he called his "end-of-the-world" video. Sources tell me it consists of a recording of "Nearer, My God," over footage of a waving American flag. Turner is said to have ordered the tape locked away until it was determined that the world was about to end."

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Body Snatchers in Houston
Houston Press | Submitted by: Yidele Shwantzenwald
"The floors were slippery with blood and vomit, littered with soiled linen... blood-soiled mattresses had been flipped over… each man lay in the blood of his predecessor…This was not a hospital," de Hartog noted. "This was a public utility to keep the dead and dying off the streets." It goes without saying that most of them were indigent. Most were also black; white patients were segregated on separate wards. Harris County's de facto morgue was in the basement. It was little more than "a room, about 20 feet by 20 feet, next to Housekeeping," Jachimczyk remembers.

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Wall Street Journal | Submitted by: Soylent
Cornstarch is an additive powder used to quicken the drying of ink on magazines and newspapers. But readers have been mistaking it for anthrax, and calling the police too much. And even people who should know better have been fooled: "An executive at Grey Global Group Inc.'s Mediacom recently alerted a New York hazardous-materials team when her InStyle magazine was coated with a suspicious dusting."

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Goatsuckers kill 60 sheep
Associated Press | Submitted by: Scarecrow
"The state news agency Notimex reported that farmer Ramiro Parra Gonzalez was headed to his field outside the city of Bocoyna on Wednesday when stumbled upon 35 dead sheep, all of which were found without a drop of blood in their bodies and with two small bite marks on their necks."

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Restoring destroyed Stasi files
International Herald Tribune | Submitted by: Soylent
Sixteen civil servants work in the former East Germany piecing together 6,000 sacks of torn-up documents from the State Police, the Stasi. Thus far they have restored the contents of 200 of the sacks, which were intended destroyed when the Berlin wall came down. Among the discoveries, that East Germany sheltered Red Army Faction terrorists in the 1970's.

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Homeland Security Jackboots?
Online Journal | Submitted by: Soylent
Speculations about the new OHS from an admittedly biased source. But even so, we should definitely keep a close eye on any developments from that new agency simply because it is in uncharted waters. Being alarmist is being prudent. "This new agency will also operate 'with extralegal authority.' It will then be able to act under suspension of habeas corpus and under suspension of the right against self incrimination, the Fifth Amendment privilege, and also the Fourth Amendment privilege."

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