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October 25, 2001

Internet filtering leaky
Wired | Submitted by: Soylent
"The difficulty in determining what are legitimate Internet news sites and which online publishers do not have sufficiently high journalistic standards to qualify will doom ICRA, civil libertarians predict. After all, even now features a news section, though the headlines do tend to run along the lines of "Postal worker jailed for flinging feces."

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Is the anthrax domestic?
Washington Post | Submitted by: Soylent
Three nations -- the United States, Soviet Union, and Iraq -- have the technology to create airborne anthrax. But then, "A government official with direct knowledge of the investigation said yesterday that the totality of the evidence in hand suggests that it is unlikely that the spores were originally produced in the former Soviet Union or Iraq." So this leaves one likely source for the anthrax that has been deployed -- but is it domestic terrorists or is it stolen anthrax?

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Deep shit for Miss Cleo predicted
WPLG | Submitted by: Number-6
If you watch late night cable television in the U.S., perhaps you have seen a fat black Jamaican woman doing phony psychic readings for people. She is now being sued on several fronts, for copyright infringement --the "readings" are apparently "read" out of a book-- and for fraud --hundreds of customers being cheated out of their five minute trial period.

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Dead son's ashes repay student loan
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
In response to a bank that was harassing her about her dead son's $35,000 student loans, a Washington state woman sent the bank a bag containing her son's ashes. "We treated it as it was an anthrax scare. It was a gray powdery substance." Student loans to dead people are dismissed, and the bank intends to return the ashes (which thankfully contain no anthrax, laboratory tests now show.)

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Aryan Nations official applauds WTC attacks
Philadelpha Daily News | Submitted by: pete
Jew York City? As second-in-command of the Aryan Nations movement, August Kreis "is a man of contradictions. Despite his ominous costume, he looks like a cop who's eaten too many doughnuts." He holds viewpoints that few Americans would share, Jews are "Satan's Spawn" and blacks "Mud People". And Kreis applauds the collapse of the WTC, and although the reasoning isn't precisely clear it seems to be because NYC has a lot of Jews living in it.

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