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October 22, 2001

FBI wants to tap everything
Interactive Week | Submitted by: Soylent
Apparently not satisfied with current Carnivore tapping, the FBI intends to require ISP's (by any means necessary) to concentrate traffic in key locations so that all traffic may be easily tapped. This is incredibly bad from a network design standpoint, creating centralized bottlenecks that are then vulnerable to attack or error. And of course, this is like requiring all people to talk to any other people not directly, but through approved third parties, in case the government is interested in what you are saying.

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Just Like River's Edge
Seattle Times | Submitted by: Anonymous Hieronymus
Life imitates movie which imitates life: "And for at least two days, word of a body in the trees was the buzz at nearby Kellogg Middle School. Police say they don't know how many students went to the library to peer at the dead boy. But some returned and brought their friends."

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Saudis may switch sides
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
Saudi Arabia is our reluctant ally in the mideast, primarily because of fallout from the Persian Gulf war. And a prominent member of their royal family, Interior Minister Prince Nayef, had this to say about the Saudi's willingness to continue siding with the United States: "He [Prince Nayef] also warned that the kingdom will side with any Arab country that may become a target in the U.S.-led anti-terror campaign."

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Woman Ignites Husband
Kansas City Star | Submitted by: Soylent
The usual story here -- man comes home from casino at 3AM, wife is mad at him, she pours gasoline on him and sets him afire. "Herbert Robinson Jr. told police he was unable to see how the fire was ignited, because he had been blinded by the gasoline."

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In hot pursuit of anthrax
Cape Times | Submitted by: Soylent
Scenario: You are a police officer and you have been given a letter, with a skull and crossbones and the words "Death or Anthrax?", containing a white powder. Apparently if you are a police officer in South Africa, you take a big whiff of it and say "baby powder".

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Shit Happens doesn't happen
Bergen Record | Submitted by: DJ3dg
A former investigator for the Vermont Attorney General's Office has argued that she had a first amendment right to carry her message, "Shthpns" on her license plate. A federal appeals court rejected this argument. But on the acceptable list: COWPIES, POOPER, TOOT, and SHTRBUG. [Is it too late for CPROPHGE?]

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Elian shrine opens
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
"The home includes four bicycles and the red, yellow and purple pedal car Elian rode around the front yard. His black and blue inline roller-skates, a purple stuffed Barney the Dinosaur and red and yellow plastic trucks and planes lined shelves in the living room."

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Eschaton Imminent!
Lingua Franca | Submitted by: Soylent
"Assume, quite conservatively, that a billion new people will be born every decade until the sun burns out. That makes a total of 500 quadrillion people. At most, 40 billion people have either lived in the past or are living now. Thus we would be among the first 0.00001 percent of all members of the human species to exist. Are we really so special?"

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