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October 19, 2001

Man Cannibalizes his own Mother
Fort Worth Star Telegram | Submitted by: Mark
Joseph Frank "Joey" Cala II, 40, was arrested for the murder and cannibalization of his 79 year old mother. The man was discovered "bloody and naked over her body" at the time police performed the arrest. Cala, a former straight-A student, has had a number of brushes with the law over the years.

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Novel Security at United Air Lines
Philadelphia City Paper | Submitted by: Sketchcow
Sometimes, new security measures at airports make sense, and are at most an inconvenience. But other times, the capriciousness of airline employees (in this case at United Airlines) is astonishing. You really do have to read this all the way through to see how idiotic things can get in the current climate of irrational fear, in this case channeled at an obviously quite innocent 22 year old white kid from Philadelphia.

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Liberian Coup Video Haunts Nation
Associated Press | Submitted by: Rob Harvie
The last days of the President of Liberia, on video: "I will talk," pleads panic-stricken Liberian President Samuel K. Doe, half-naked and tied up on the floor. "I will tell you something ... Please, please let me go. I beg you." A framed painting of Jesus watches over the scene. Mr. Johnson looks bored. He waves his hand: "I say cut off one ear."

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Where all the anthrax at?
The Independent | Submitted by: Soylent
Conventional wisdom yields that Iraq is the source of the anthrax used on the "America Freaks Out" front. But is the more likely source Russia? "Mr Alibek has described how the Soviet Union churned out two tons of anthrax a day at Stepanagorsk in Kazakhstan and said the Russians covered up an outbreak of anthrax in the Urals in 1979. He told a United States congressional committee last week: "There are pieces of Biopreparat that are still running, some with a very high level of secrecy."

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Win XP denounced as tool of terrorism
The Register | Submitted by: Soylent
Since the 1980's it's been possible to recover deleted files with tools such as Norton Undelete and its successors. And this is often exploited by law enforcement agents looking for evidence, but it's also used as a tool for corporate espionage. Now, some nutball here is saying that making it impossible to undelete files in WinXP will make PC's a "tool for terrorism": "Forensics outfit New Technologies' President, Michael Anderson, a former Fed himself, is claiming that the secure file-wipe feature in Win-XP Pro is going to "make it impossible for federal agents and law enforcement to find and reconstruct digital evidence buried on computers, particularly those seized from terrorists," according to an article by Network World.

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Karadzic's Suicide Option
Sunday Times | Submitted by: Soylent
Indicted war criminal and former Serbian president Radovan Karadzic has vowed to commit suicide with his handgun (kept under his pillow) rather than be captured by NATO or police forces. Mainly Karadzic is wanted for the massacre of 7,000 muslim men and boys at Srebrenica in the mid-90's. But right now he has taken up a life of poetry writing and quiet contemplation.

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