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October 17, 2001

White Supremacy and Bio War
Village Voice | Submitted by: Soylent
A microbiologist member of the Aryan Nations, Larry Wayne Harris, flirted with biological toxins in the 1990's, until he was arrested by the FBI -- and they found bubonic plague cultures in his Subaru. When asked how difficult it was to obtain anthrax, Harris's answer: "I recovered anthrax, it took just 10 days. I checked the newspapers and found the last outbreak in Ohio, it was in the 1950s. I found where the cows were buried and used a long prod to get a sample. It's very deadly stuff". Harris's book also relates an encounter with an Iraqi biotechnologist who told him they were plotting biowar against the US in several years. Meaning..... right about now.

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Bayer offers band Anthrax a deal
Rolling Stone | Submitted by: Soylent
Metal band Anthrax finds itself in an interesting dilemma, named after today's bogeyman and given an extra fifteen minutes of fame. And thus they have "been contacted by makers of the anti-biotic Cipro, a drug used to combat the deadly agent. The company, Bayer, inquired about possibly placing banner ads for their suddenly-in-demand pill at Anthrax's homepage".

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Microsoft Blames Messenger
Newsbytes | Submitted by: Soylent
Microsoft has decided that a good amount of the blame for the recent worm attacks on the Internet lies not with their egregiously faulty and insecure software but instead with "open disclosure", the doctrine that security holes ought to be published a short time after their discovery. Of course, what Microsoft does not mention, is they often do not fix known security bugs until they are reported out in the open. Before open disclosure was commonplace, many companies just never bothered fixing this type of bug at all.

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Is that St. Luke's DNA?
New Scientist | Submitted by: Soylent
Hagiography beat: DNA from a skeleton in a reliquary at St Justina in Genoa has been analyzed and found to be not inconsistent with a human of Syrian ancestry. They don't actually say it's Syrian, and also it's just about as likely to be Turkish. In any event it doesn't rule out the possibility that it is The Real Skeleton of St. Luke, perhaps giving it more credence in Catholicism's biblically unsupported cult of saint worship.

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Suspicious substance was Cremains
Atlanta Journal-Constitution | Submitted by: Soylent
The discovery of a suspicious package with a strange powdered substance near the train tracks in Stonte Mountain, GA ended up not being anthrax but someone's cremated remains. "I thought you had Daddy!"

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Saudi Arabia Fucked
New Yorker | Submitted by: Soylent
The long term prospects in Saudi Arabia are grim. Their oil fields, containing the largest reserves in the world, are highly vulnerable to terrorist attack. The Saud Family is not well loved by their people, and has been appeasing powerful fundamentalist forces in their country by funneling money to terrorist organizations including Hamas and possibly al-Qaida. Education in the country has been taken over by fundamentalist Islam, and are producing waves of PhD's in... Islamic Studies. And finally the United States has minimized intelligence operations within the country so as not to upset relations with the royal family. This is not a very smart strategy when Saudi Arabia is the wealthiest, most important Arab nation in the world. [a bit on the long side, but extraordinary]

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