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October 09, 2001

Scrotum Biting, Pissing
The Press | Submitted by: D.H.Thomas
First a man in a car accident falls to his death going to the toilet immediately thereafter, and then naughtiness at a New Zealand wedding: "Doig got so drunk at the festivities he bit the groom on the scrotum during a fight - the groom needed three stitches - and was kicked by the bride." Two articles from New Zealand.

Read article... and This article...

Jennifer Lopez Anthrax Love Caper
Newsweek | Submitted by: Soylent
More developments on the Anthrax front! It is unlikely that terrorists are responsible, and Newsweek is reporting a "weird love letter to Jennifer Lopez, similar, outwardly, to the types of mail the tabloids often get. But inside the oddly-worded letter was what was described as a 'soapy, powdery substance' and in the pile of that a cheap Star of David charm. The letter, per routine, was taken in by the joint mailroom of the company. Employees said the letter was handled both by Stevens and by Blanco."

Read article...

100 Suicide Bombers
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
Instead of counting home runs, perhaps we should be counting this: "A Palestinian high school senior who blew himself up near an Israeli car has become the 100th suicide bomber sent to attack Israel since 1993. Israeli statistics indicate most of the assailants were very young -- under 23 -- and exceptionally well-educated."

Read article...

Girl With Half a Brain
Philadelphia Inquirer | Submitted by: Macki
Every once in a while we have to point to a human interest story, and this one has some of the best quotes ever. From the physician's very odd analogy of her disease: "It gradually eats away at one hemisphere like a Pac Man" -- to the post-operative sentimentality: "She made a scrapbook of her ordeal, filled with photos. Next to one showing the extracted part of her brain in the palm of a surgeon's hand, Christina wrote: 'My seizures are going to the Dumpster!'"

Read article...

Hollywood Meets With Pentagon Officials
E! | Submitted by: Soylent
Surely one of the pinnacles of lame: "According to Daily Variety, a team of Hollywood creative types -- including the masterminds behind MacGyver, Die Hard, Delta Force and, um, Grease -- convened in secret last week to present possible terrorist attack scenarios to federal intelligence officials."

Read article...

Secret RIAA Meeting
Cryptome | Submitted by: Soylent
How Disney and the other copyright cartels are plotting to take away your MP3's, by trying to make your existing computer hardware illegal, and by heavy handed action against innocent ISP's. A short transcript from a secret meeting of the Recording Industry Association of America. Many of the things said are just plain evil.

Read article... and This article...

Hitler Verboten
Baltimore Sun | Submitted by: Soylent
Because of complaints by his neighbors about stray dogs, teacher Frederick R McFadden of Baltimore put a four- by three-foot sign in his front yard showing Hitler saluted by German youth, surely an odd way to get his point across, but whatever. A court ruled the sign was too large.

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