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September 29, 2001

Cow Dung for a Better Tomorrow
Indian Express | Submitted by: Micky
At a laboratory in Jaipur, researchers work tirelessly in pursuit of new and innovative uses for cow dung and urine. Among their breakthroughs: To help avoid nuclear radiation, their advice is to "lather yourself with cow dung as a protective shield" [Editor's note: we cannot condone this.] Other pioneering uses for the materials include face cream, leucoderma treatments, and aphrodisiacs. "Here, we don't consider urine as waste matter."

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Face Recognition Technology Shaky
The Register | Submitted by: Soylent
A lot has been said about the deployment of face recognition technology in public areas, particularly in Florida and the DC airport. But as warm and fuzzy as it sounds to law enforcement, the technology itself is rather immature and heavily prone to error.

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Osama bin Tattoo
Reuters | Submitted by: Soylent
Details regarding a suspect taken in Orange County, CA are subject to a federal gag order, but this much has leaked out: "During an initial search at the county jail he was found to have a large tattoo of suspected mastermind bin Laden on his chest. Underneath was written: Osama bin Laden."

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LA Tries to Tax Geosynch Satellites
Associated Press | Submitted by: Soylent
The County of Los Angeles attempted to assess property tax on eight geosynchronous satellites. This is extremely strange because these satellites are parked 23,000 miles over the equator (note: not Los Angeles. Nowhere near Los Angeles.) Tax everything, ask questions later.

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