Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate, candid

Sharon Tate had up to this point carried only bit parts, but was considered a beautiful and rising actress. Tate met film director Roman Polanski then starred in Valley of the Dolls, followed by The Wrecking Crew with Dean Martin. She married Polanski in January 1968.

Sharon Tate

"Few actresses have her kind of vulnerability. She's got a great future." -- Mark Robson, director, Valley of the Dolls

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Around midnight on August 9, 1969, members of the Manson family invaded the Tate - Polanski household, killing all who were present. Voityck Frykowsky was stabbed over 50 times, struck 13 times in the head with a blunt instrument, and shot. Abigail Folger, the coffee heiress, was killed. The now 8 month pregnant Tate finished the evening for the Manson family, stabbing her repeatedly in the back, breast, neck, and womb.

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