John F Kennedy Autopsy Photos

A rather hasty military autopsy was performed on Kennedy's body at Bethesda. Furthermore, images were taken that were later tampered with, muddling things even more. We've tried to include only photographs we believe to be actual autopsy images from the president.

Top View

The view of the top of Kennedy's head. It is readily apparent that a large portion of the skull is missing, and brain matter is exposed. (There is another series of photos that purports to depict the autopsy, with this area intact.)

Right Side

A color view of the right side of Kennedy's head, showing brain matter. When published, this picture is usually shown in black and white. Damage is quite extensive, more than is indicated by some of the earlier theories.


Photo of the president's back, oddly taken from below the body. The Warren Commission's report located this wound at the back of the neck, though you can clearly see that the wound is to the back.

Left Side

Left view of the head. Injuries are not visible from this angle.

Front View

Front of the president. The entry wound (and it is an entry wound) is obscured by his tracheotomy. Of course, giving him a tracheotomy when much of his brain was missing was futile.

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